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Harry Sherwin
Harry Sherwin

All About Harry Sherwin

Harry Sherwin lives in Salisbury, Wiltshire. He began writing whilst on holiday in 2012, at the time he was about to return to college for his final year of A-levels where he was studying biology, chemistry and history and had planned to go on to university to study medicine like his father and brothers have all done and, as such, felt a lot of pressure to follow that path. However, once he discovered his passion for writing the realisation crept upon him that he did not want to go to university and instead began working towards a career as an author.
There was no doubt in his mind as to what he would write, for ever since he first read about the Shire and watched the Imperial Star Destroyer fly onto the screen, he loves fantasy and science fiction. He began writing his first fantasy novel and in May 2013 he published The Seven Kingdoms: The Darkening Lands. Once he had finished college he began travelling around the country and since then he has been to a large number of events across the country and has returned to his old school to give talks to some of the younger year groups. Harry loves every minute of what he does and he has met some wonderful people on his travels. With the second edition to The Seven Kingdoms series well on its way, he is just so glad that he decided to pick up a pen and go his own way rather than stick to what he thought he had to do.

Harry’s School Visits

Primary School – year 5-6
Session for individual classes in which Harry will talk to the children about creating characters and settings. Children would have a chance to draw their characters and settings followed by a discussion on the different ways of describing both. These are very interactive sessions with plenty of opportunities for questions. Time is flexible depending on timetable and can focus on specific points if the school requires.

Secondary School – year 7-9
Short talk on how Harry became an author followed by creative writing session focusing on key points for each stage in story and character/scene development. By end of session the students will have created brief outline of plot and description of their main character and setting. Again, very interactive with chance to look at artwork. Individual class sessions are preferably 1-1:30 hour sessions but can be flexible. Harry is also willing to focus on specific points if teachers wish.
Willing to talk to small group of children from any year group who are serious about writing.

Harry will need a whiteboard and access to PowerPoint. Children will need pens and plain, lined paper.

Harry’s Books

The seven kingdoms

The Seven Kingdoms: The Darkening Lands

** It is in the blackest of nights when even the smallest flame burns brightest. **

For the first time in over a thousand years, the Seven Kingdoms of Justava are at peace with each other. As age old tensions melt away, the people are able to rest easily in their homes, safe in the knowledge that war will trouble them no longer. But a new power is growing in the heart of Justava, an unseen malice that threatens to destroy the fragile peace and throw Justava back into chaos and war.
With the evil Necromancer Empire spreading to every corner of the Seven Kingdoms, it falls upon two young elves who lost everything to this new evil to make a stand. Together, Brenik and Nalia must overcome age old prejudices and travel deep into the wilds of Justava in order to raise their banner and ignite the fires of rebellion.

Reviews and Recommendations

“Beautifully written with vivid scenes, and fully developed characters that feel so life-like, Seven Kingdoms: The Darkening Lands is another of those hidden gems that needs to be discovered!” Tome Tender

“I had a feeling that I would enjoy the novel, but I didn’t know how much. I look forward to reading the next instalment of the series, and truly hope it’s coming out soon.” Off the Book

“With rich detail and amazing story telling and sequencing, Sherwing grabs you by the hand and pulls you into the world of Guillard and his friends Brenik and Nalia.”Goodreads

“Harry is very attentive with the pupils and is also able to guide them through their work, giving useful tips and advice. When the pupils ask him questions about his own career, he is able to answer with sincerity and doesn’t patronise them. He has worked with my Year Nine class explaining about his experience as a young author. They were very enthusiastic about what he had to say. He has worked with my Year Eight class, whilst they were writing their own children’s stories and he was able to give them some sound advice.” Mrs Cummings, English teacher- Hampshire Collegiate School

“Harry was a pleasure to have in school, the visits were very successful. Harry definitely has youth on his side, the students were completely engaged during Harry’s talk and because he was ‘real’ about his story , they could really relate to what he was saying. Harry was very relaxed and professional and was able to adapt to a lively group who had lots of questions to ask, but then equally could also adapt to a group that needed more structure. The workshops Harry designed for World Book Day worked really well, which was a challenge as a very large Year group – the students really enjoyed the creative element of the work and Harry was on hand to give honest feedback.” Mrs Cunliffe, School Librarian

To Make a Booking

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