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Graham Johnson
Graham Johnson

All About Graham Johnson

Graham Johnson is a best-selling author and investigative journalist who has contributed to a variety of publications including the Sun, News of the World, Sunday Mirror, The Observer, Vice, The Guardian, The Sunday People, The Daily Star Sunday and The Liverpool Echo.
Graham often publishes crime stories under several different bylines for security reasons. He is also a TV broadcaster frequently appearing on Sky and the BBC as a crime pundit and reporter. He has also made documentaries for Sky, BBC Panorama, Germany’s ARD and Vice’s channel VBS.
Graham worked at the Sunday Mirror from 1997 to 2005 and for six years was the newspaper’s Investigations Editor. He has been a finalist for “Reporter of the Year” three times and been described in parliament as an “investigative reporter supreme”.
He has covered stories including drug dealing in Britain, people smuggling in Europe, child slavery in India and Pakistan and war in the Balkans. To research his debut novel, Johnson spent several years on and off embedded with some of Britain’s most notorious gangs.
Graham has written eight non-fiction books about crime, one novel about young street gangs and one memoir about his time as a Fleet Street journalist during the phone hacking scandal. He has two main topics he talks about in schools, namely crime and journalism.

Graham’s School Visits


Graham’s work in secondary schools is aimed at teaching children about crime and exploding the myths that surround this dark and dangerous world. From the street gangs which students may have seen in their neighbourhoods, or heard about in the news, to organised crime cartels in the UK and abroad.
Learning about crime in this way can help young people understand subjects such citizenship, society, economics and the justice system.
Graham talks about the reasons why street gangs exist and the relationship between injustice, anger, aggression and violence.
Students may have heard many explanations for gang violence, particularly from older people and the media. The reasons often cited include rap music, violent video games, single parents, absentee dads, loud rock music, youth fashion, lack of discipline, lax policing, tough policing and the end of National Service.
Though some of these explanations maybe aggravating factors, several are reactionary beliefs that are not supported by evidence. Most gang behaviour is down to the THREE P’s = Poverty, Powerlessness and Poor Philosophy.

The first two are largely the responsibility of society and community. The third is to do with the individual.
Graham can help explain some of these complex issues in a simple and straight-forward way. He often starts with a 30 minute presentation followed by a Q&A and a discussion.
Later, smaller-group workshops, based on some of the themes outlined above, are used to bring the subject to life and in greater detail.


The aim of Graham’s journalism sessions in schools is to teach students about what it’s like to be a journalist and how to write a good story and put a newspaper together.
He starts off with a talk about his own experiences as a journalist and the upside of working in newspapers. Such as all the exciting things that a reporter does like flying around the world covering big international events, covering wars and secretly infiltrating Mafia gangs.
Then there’s the downside – the ethical dilemmas that a reporter faces every day.
The skills that you need and the tricks of the trade are also discussed in detail.

Graham’s Books


Non-fiction (true crime):
Powder Wars (2004)
Druglord (2005)
Football and Gangsters (2006)
The Devil (2007)
Darkness Descending (2009)
Hack (2012)
The Cartel (2012)
Young Blood (2013)
Soljas (2010)
Gang War (2011)

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