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Fay Evans
Fay Evans

All About Fay Evans

Fay Evans is a best-selling children’s author. She writes rhyming stories for fabulously illustrated children’s books and enjoys making inspiring Author Visits to primary schools across the UK. Fay’s interactive storytelling sessions are suitable for entertaining children in EYFS and Key Stages 1 and 2.


Fay’s love of writing started at the age of eight, when she won a prize at primary school for her joined up handwriting. Fay’s first proper job was as a reporter for a local newspaper and she spent many years working in the PR industry, writing news stories and content for websites. Fay has also written scripts for short films and sitcoms, as well as ideas for TV comedy drama series.

Fay’s daughter inspired her to start writing stories for children. She loved picture books from an early age and it was her favourite character that inspired her to say her very first word: “Bear!”

As an author, Fay loves sharing her stories with children and seeing how her books spark their imaginations. What’s most important for Fay is inspiring young readers and writers through language, literacy and laughter.

Fay’s School Visits

Fay’s author visits involve interactive storytelling sessions for pupils in Nursery/Reception and Years 1 through to 3. Spending a lesson with each class/year group works well. Fay adapts her presentation style according to age/year group.

After spending 30 to 40 minutes talking with the children about being an author, story ideas, the writing process, reading her book, discussing the story and answering questions, there is usually time for class teachers to lead a short and simple follow up activity. Children have enjoyed colouring in pictures of a dragon, drawing Fred or a scene from the story, role playing, making plasticine models, writing book reviews and descriptive text, creating their own stories and taking part in author Q&A sessions.

Fay is also happy to present in school assemblies talking through her career as a writer, reading her story and answering questions from the children.

Fay’s Books

Fred the Fire-Sneezing Dragon

Fay’s latest book, Fred The Fire-Sneezing Dragon, is an Amazon Best Seller. It tells the tale of a lovable young dragon whose fiery sneezes keep causing chaos at school. Fred is teased by his classmates, until he accidentally saves the day and goes from zero, to hero. There are simple actions to learn and repeat during the story. Everyone can join in and have fun as they sneeze-along with Fred. Ah-choo!

Since the book was published in September 2017, Fay has been touring primary schools across the UK with her interactive storytelling sessions and have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback.


Bob’s Beard

Bob is a lonely giant who longs to help others, but every animal in the wood runs away in fear of his great size.
When Bob begins to grow a big bushy beard, things start to change for the better.

Discover how Bob’s beard helps him to make a whole host of new woodland friends. A heart-warming rhyming tale with a message about not judging others by their appearance. Bob’s Beard tells the heartwarming tale of a lonely giant, who discovers his brand new beard is the key to befriending a whole host of woodland creatures.

Talented illustrator Lisa Williams is once again helping to bring this captivating rhyming story to life.

Feedback and Reviews

“We were amazed by how engaged all 60 children were whilst listening to the story, which proved what a fantastic story it is! The actions brought the character of Fred to life and encouraged all of the children to join in – they loved every second of it! Fay was brilliant with the children and pitched the session perfectly for the age range (four and five-year-olds). After the story, the children wanted to draw and paint dragons, build dragon dens outside, start a castle role play area and so much more. We’ve started a new topic based on dragons and have never had so many children wanting to write stories!”Reception Teacher

“Our session with Fay was fantastic! One of those mornings that you know the children will remember for a long time. After hearing the story they had so many ideas for writing and were able to use the ambitious adjectives from the story to describe Fred and his actions. The best thing was that they were all desperate to start drawing and writing, it totally sparked their imaginations. We look forward to inviting Fay back next year and hearing more of her stories.”Year 1 Teacher

“We were about to start our new topic on ‘Authors’ so the timing of Fay’s visit was perfect. She talked to us about her journey into becoming an author and how this had started at a similar age to our children. You could see the children thinking: ‘Wow, that could be me!’ Fay made them believe in themselves and gave them the motivation to write. They have since written some fantastic mythological stories and their attitudes to writing have been transformed – they now believe that they too can become authors like Fay.”Year 3 Teacher.

“Fun, friendly, engaging and calming. Fay had a lovely and enthusiastic manner with the children. The best part was listening to the story and hearing the background. I would rate this Author Visit 10 out of 10.” – Reception teacher at Templemoor Infant and Nursery School

To Make a Booking

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