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Elena Vitagliano
Elena Vitagliano

All About Elena Vitagliano

I have always loved drawing, especially drawing the stories I had in my mind and give life to the characters populating my imagination. This passion at one point became a profession. I gained enough confidence winning few awards but I believe that being an artist is continuous work in progress.


Elena’s School Visits


When Elena visit schools she will always target the workshop or example session to the need of the participants, considering, space, materials available, age, special needs and anything else requested by the school.

Sessions can accommodate approximately 30 children.

Workshops can typically run from 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the time available and the depth schools would like covered with their students.

To fit within school timetables Elena is able to adapt the workshops to fit to a one hour session.

If a projector is available Elena uses some PowerPoint slides to show pupils different drawing styles and to catch their interest with some fun short videos. However, mostly the materials needed are a pencil and a piece of paper. This simple things are all you need to make the magic of a story happen. Often Elena will also give participants a handbook with some additional information and tips so that they can keep on practising even after the workshop.

Elena can also run workshops on Photoshop, Manga Studio, Illustrator, Indesign, ‘How to make a magazine’ and ‘Make your own comic


Elena’s Books

“Be Silent”​: Harvest of short heartwarming short stories all “silent”, with no words.

You can read this book even if you don’t even know a single letter! Experience the great power of manga storytelling based just on images. All entertaining and feel good stories, ready to make you think and to make you laugh at the same time!

“Getting Closer”​: A selection of short stories about love and life

“The Deep Needs Train”​: A girl in trouble, a mysterious train, a journey through life.

Winner of the Manga Jiman 2012, this manga centres on a mysterious steam train that can only be seen by a select few; a mode of transport that takes its passengers to their heart’s desire rather than a geographical destination…


Elena has also had short stories featured in the following magazines:

“Home”​ – in “Home” ‘ Art Aid Nepal Anthology
“Tasty healing”​ – in The Strumpet – Issue 3
“Underground Glimpse”​ – in Team Girl Comic – Issue 5

Awards and Recognition

Elena’s work has gained her much recognition and accreditation over the years, with some highlights listed below:

2018: First European Woman to win the broadest International manga Competition in Japan, the Silent manga audition 8th edition.

2017 : Editors Award – Silent Manga Competition (international manga competition organized by the Japanese publisher Coamix) with the story “Strawberry field”.  This was the first time that Gran Prix Award went to a female European artist.

2017: Excellence Runner Up – International Kumamoto Manga Festival with the story “How to smile”

2014: first price – Manga in/as Essay (international competition organised by Leiden University) with the story “Tariki: Divine intervention”

2013 Comix4equality (international competition organised with with financial support from the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union) with the story “Elver, my first ROM-mate”

2012: Manga Jiman (National competition organised by the Japanese Embassy in UK)

You can read about Elena’s huge triumph in this article from the Anime News Network:

Article on Elena


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