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Deborah Abela
Deborah Abela

All About Deborah Abela

Deborah trained as a teacher and completed a BA (Comm) before becoming writer/producer of a national children’s TV show at Network TEN. After 7 years she left to write over 20 novels for children, including the Max Remy Superspy and Jasper Zammit (Soccer Legend) series and New City, the sequel to her bestselling, Grimsdon. Teresa A New Australian, was inspired by her dad, who, with a million other refugees, made the journey to Australia after the devastation of WW2 and The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee came about because of her year 4 teacher Ms Gray and her love of words. Her latest book is her very first picture book called Wolfie, An Unlikely Hero. Deb’s won awards for her books, including an Outstanding International Book Award in the USA and the Maurice Saxby Award for services to Children’s Literature. She is an ambassador for Room to Read and Books In Homes.

Deborah’s School Visits

Ideally I speak with and lead writing workshops for years 3 to 6 or ages 7-12, but I also tell stories to kids aged 5-7. For younger kids, I like shorter sessions with smaller groups of kids. Say max 30 for 30 min. For older kids, talks can be about an hour with small or large groups and for workshops, ideally no more than 30 kids for an hour up to one day.

Talks: Deborah’s talks, workshops and PD sessions are interactive and fun, leaving kids and teachers excited about books and reading. Through images, videos, storytelling and games, she shares her writing process. With her teaching and TV background, she uses a wide variety of activities to help kids create and develop their own engaging stories that leave them excited about books and reading.

Workshops: Join Deborah Abela, author of 20 novels, as she takes you through a day dedicated to helping you become a better writer. Deb has been writing ever since she was a young child and it still fascinates her how a small idea, when nurtured and developed, can become a novel. Through a series of challenging and fun writing activities, Deb will create a supportive environment where you will explore the writing process from developing ideas, to planning outlines and, most importantly, creating characters and plots readers will love.

PD session for teachers: 

Fun Activities to Get Your Kids Writing

As an author and trained teacher who has been speaking in schools for over 12 years, Deborah Abela, will show you a series of challenging, fun and practical activities to get your kids excited about writing. Deb will address the 3 main interrelated strands of the National Curriculum: language, literature and literacy, so that students will gain a better understanding of how writers use language to create exciting plots and characters, all while experimenting with their own ideas and stories. The sessions include a 20-page handout brimming with ideas to use in your class.

Deborah’s Books

The Most Marvellous International Spelling Bee (Penguin Random House 2018)



India is super excited to have been invited to the International Spelling Bee but there is skulduggery afoot and India and her friends are determined to find out who is behind it and why.

Wolfie, An Unlikely Hero (Picture book Penguin Random House 2017)


Wolfie is sick of always being the bad guy and wants a book where he finally gets to be the hero.

The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee (Penguin Random House 2016)

spelling bee

A heart-warming story about a girl who’s too afraid to follow her dreams, and the family who help make them happen.

Teresa: A New Australian (Omnibus, Scholastic 2016)


A children’s novel about a young girl and her family who migrate to Australia after the devastation of WW2.

Ghost Club 3 part series (Random House 2012-13)

The children of Grimsdon have been rescued from Grimsdon and taken to the hi tech world of New City, but it is as perfect as they originally think and what is the secret hidden at the edge of the forest?

Charlie and Alice 2 part series (Pearson Education, UK, 2012)

Grimsdon (Random House 2010)


A group of young children are left behind in a flooded city and have to survive the perils of bounty hunters and evil harbour lord, sneaker waves and a sea monster lurking beneath the waves.

New City (Random House 2014) the sequel to Grimsdon

new city

The Remarkable Secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen (Random House 2009)

A quirky and mysterious tale of a girl who uncovers a 100 year old secret she hopes will save her family and their beloved seaside pier from a terrible fate.

Max Remy Superspy 10 part series (2002-2008)

Max and Linden are the youngest members of the elite spy agency, Spyforce. Armed with the agency’s latest gadgets they try to save the world from some of its most villainous villains.

Jasper Zammit (Soccer Legend) 3 part series written with the advice of Johnny Warren (Random House 2005-2006)

Jasper Zammit wants to be a soccer legend…if only he can stop his daydreams of making the big time.

Recommendations & Reviews

“Deborah was fantastic today during the staff PL session. Talking to some of the staff who were with the kids sessions that also went very well. Thank you for getting her to come to CPS. It was a very interesting and wonderful workshop that demonstrated the joy of books and story writing. Terrific teacher notes supplied and a presentation that hooked everyone in!!! So refreshing to have from a professional who really understands story writing and engaging children in the process.” – Andrew Lowing, teacher 

“Deborah Abela’s visit was one of the best Book Week activities I have ever attended. It was so relevant to what we are doing in class right now and the girls had a good working knowledge of the novel which she featured. The timing was perfect and the girls were engaged. A little noisy at times but engaged, and the noise was mostly related to what they were doing anyway. The other main reason was that Deborah herself was so good with them and didn’t speak down to them, was most patient and appropriately praiseworthy towards them but mostly because she valued what they contributed to the session.” – Dean Pomfrett, Year 6 teacher Wenona School

“The accolades from children and staff were so positive – wonderful superlatives!! I heard things like “fantastic”, “cool”, “she’s soooo good”, “amazing”, “time went by so fast”, “I wish our class had library first so I can make sure I get her book!!”, and from two teachers: “I was motivated to get one of her books and start reading it”. You left a positive mark on our budding readers and writers at Montessori East. Thank you!!” – Bill Conway, Principal, Montessori East PS Bondi

To Make a Booking

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