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David Webb
David Webb
David has written for several top publishers including Andersen Press, Longman’s U.K., Rigby Educational, Egon Publishers and Eprint. His books are aimed at children between the ages of six and twelve.

All About David Webb

David has written for several top publishers including Andersen Press, Longman’s UK, Rigby Educational, Egon Publishers and Eprint. His books are aimed at children between the ages of five and twelve.


David Webb is a prolific children’s author having written more than thirty books and produced many valuable resources for teachers. David was born and brought up in Liverpool but now lives in Bury, where he worked as a primary school head teacher before becoming a full time writer.

David’s titles include the hilarious Grandma’s Teeth and Trevor’s Trousers as well as the acclaimed and ever popular Professor Nutter series. Many of David’s mystery and adventure books, Including Beneath the Bombers’ Moon and Eye of the Storm, follow an historical theme. Tom Travis – Time Traveller, featuring a journey back in time to The Great Fire of London, continues to be a best seller and has been reprinted several times.

David’s School Visits

David visits schools throughout the country and abroad to provide lively, entertaining and informative Author Talks, Storytelling Sessions and Writing Workshops. Visits are specifically designed to stimulate and motivate children, making them want to read and write for themselves.

Key Stage 2

David’s author talk lasts for an hour and is usually given to all of the junior children at once. As well as explaining how he goes about writing a book, the talk is packed with practical ideas and suggestions to follow up in class. David covers such topics as: collecting ideas; building a plot; drafting and editing and illustrations. Children are given the opportunity to pull out an object from David’s Storybag! Towards the end of the session the children are encouraged to ask their own questions.

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Storytelling Session

David also offers this entertaining session which lasts for about forty-five minutes and consists of lively, original stories supported by various props and colourful PowerPoint pictures. The session invariably involves audience participation! David usually follows up this session in one of the Key Stage 1 classes, where children are shown and encouraged to use a simple, straightforward planning technique for their own stories.


Story Writing Workshops

David’s Story Writing Workshops always prove very popular. Following the initial stimulus, children discuss ideas and a quick and effective model plan is produced. The children then produce their own plans and begin to draft their stories. As the workshop progresses, David pauses to emphasise points of good practice – effective openings, description, correct use of dialogue etc. Children are encouraged to share their work by reading extracts aloud. David is happy to lead workshops for children from Year 1 through to Year 6 and into High School. He is also in demand for More Able Writing Workshops.

David’s Books

beneath the bombers moon

Beneath the Bombers’ Moon

It is October 1940 and the air raids have begun over Thornley. The children of St. Gregory’s School are well prepared for the attacks. Sparky and his friend John Harrison hear that two ammunition trains have recently been hit in Coventry and Liverpool. It becomes clear that the train due to pass through Thornley is a target – but who is passing information to the enemy?

Grandmas teeth

Grandma’s Teeth

Danny’s Grandma is a disaster! His half term is ruined when Gran comes to stay for a few days. Things go from bad to worse when she loses not one but two sets of false teeth.
A trip to the dentist, a disastrous bus journey and a run in with the local vandals provides plenty of opportunity for Gran to cause chaos!
Join Dudley and his dreadful Grandma on their hilarious quest to find Grandma’s Teeth.
tom travis

Tom Travis – Time Traveller

When Tom Travis experiences strange dreams, he begins to realise that he is no ordinary boy. Through sleep, he travels to the Time Forest, where he sees the past unfold before his eyes. Tom meets the mysterious friends, Marcus, Rosie and Carlos – but it is when he is introduced to the Time Master that his incredible adventure really begins. Join Tom Travis on the journey of a lifetime!

professor nutter

Professor Nutter and the Executioner’s Block

Professor Nutter and his nephew Nigel visit Nutter Hall, an old Tudor mansion that once belonged to the Nutter family.
When they discover a priest hole in the bedroom, it is a portal to the past. However, the past is a dangerous place. The Professor is mistaken for his ancestor and tried for treason. Nigel can only look on in fear as the Professor is led before the jeering crowd to the executioner’s block. There is only one person who can save him…

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Recommendations and Reviews

‘Clearly children will become better writers if they are enthused by the writing process. My main aim on a school visit is to ensure that both children and staff have an enjoyable and rewarding day. Sparky’s Return is a book to enthral ten and eleven year old’s…….. Many youngster will be eagerly awaiting his return.” School Librarian

“David Webb visits our school annually and never fails to inspire the children and staff. His techniques are perfect for the classroom – he knows how to tick all the boxes and make the writing exciting at the same time. His manner with the children is unfailingly positive and encouraging and the work they produce as a result of his workshops is always of a high standard – often higher than either the children or the teacher expect.” North London Collegiate School, Canons, Edgware, Middlesex

“Thank you once again for the two days. They were so enjoyable and really motivated the children, particularly the boys. I know the ideas you gave the staff were felt to be practical and very workable in the staffroom.” Quotes from the staff:
Really inspiring for both teachers and pupils.”
“Practical and enjoyable sessions which engaged all pupils.”
“Inspiring, motivational and enjoyable! 
Upperthong J & I School, Holmfirth

“David Webb’s enthusiasm is infectious. His approach is inspirational and encourages teachers to attempt strategies they may have been reluctant to try. His love of the subject is evident. He builds an instant rapport with the children with his good sense of humour and enthusiasm. He encourages even the most reluctant writer to want to write. He encourages and praises the children whilst teaching them new techniques. His staff workshops are wonderful.” St Ambrose RC Primary School, Hale Barns. (Y6 teacher)

To Make a Booking

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