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David Bedford
David Bedford
David Bedford "He provided all children with an understanding of the process of writing books and filled them with excitement to have a go themselves. I have had lots of positive feedback from the teachers and parents, commenting on how it has inspired their children to write. David has a lovely, warm manner with the children and is very approachable.

"Thank you, David, for providing interesting and engaging workshops at our school."

Literacy Co-ordinator, Orchard CE Primary, Leicestershire

All About David Bedford

As a child David was enthralled by stories read to him at school, though with few books in the house, it was only in his late teens that he began to read and discover books. David continued reading avidly through his studies to become a successful biologist. Eventually his love of stories, and a desire to write his own, led him towards becoming an author too. David has written over 80 books for children, published in 40 countries and 30 languages worldwide, from Turkey to Thailand, Australia to Iceland and many countries in between!

School visits are an integral part of David’s writing. He enjoys meeting his audience, and writes directly for them. He believes creativity abounds in young minds, and can be quickly drawn out and nurtured, particularly when making up stories.

David has been inspiring kids in schools for 16 years now – from Orkney in Scotland, through the Welsh Valleys, the Channel Islands, all across England, and especially in Norfolk, where here is located. He has visited British, American and other international schools in Spain, Slovakia, Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Sudan and China. And he has talked to trainee teachers, cub scouts, Dads and Lads clubs, the Roald Dahl Museum, shoppers in a mall, along a woodland story trail, and at festivals big and small.

“Everyone is creative – everyone can make up a story.”

David encourages reading and writing in fun, interactive talks and workshops on everything to do with creativity, writing and being an author.

He also teaches the mindful art of Tai Chi – when there is time and opportunity for a simple warm up or a much needed cool down!

David’s talks and workshops are suitable for all ages, especially Foundation Stage and Primary, who are the main audience he writes for.

Audience sizes: entire school assemblies, single or joined classes, or small groups.

Every child gets to think and be involved, through questions, vocal games and a funky dance for larger groups, and by completing individual work in smaller groups.


David’s School Visits

Pre-school, Nursery and Reception

David uses his flap books such as ’Knock! Knock!’, as well as first picture books like ’Big Bear Little Bear’ and ‘Roo the Roaring Dinosaur’. The children get involved by guessing what’s under the flap, handling the touch-and-feel stories, and by meeting cuddly toys and puppet characters from the books. Afterwards they can make their own ’Knock Knock’ flap book in a short workshop suitable for all abilities – sometimes presenting their finished work in assembly at the end of the day. Workshops last for 30 mins.

Key Stage 1

A more expansive picture book with secrets of the trade revealed! Workshops last 45 mins and involve each child brainstorming ideas, often presenting them as a picture book cover and story outline.

Key Stage 2

Workshops last for 45 mins up to 90 mins, and can be a more advanced picture book telling and creating, the creation of a personalised robot character for a story, as demonstrated by the ‘Football Machine’ series (this workshop is not usually about football – but it can be!), or, most likely, David’s popular ‘Story Improvisation’ workshop where everyone gets to create a complete story.

Year 7+

The ‘Football Machine’ series, suitable for ages 7-11, is used for transitional classes with workshops similar to those done with Year 5/6. More advanced talks and workshops for any age including adults can be arranged, with author interviews, story analysis, creativity and writing tips etc. Workshops last for 45 mins or 90 mins or even all day!

David is happy for any session to be led by questions from the children or teacher, and this is often how a workshop begins.

A sample schedule for a primary school:

Equipment required:

An adult-sized chair (and maybe a cushion!); a microphone where available in bigger venues, where David also makes use of a laptop, projector and speaker system.

9.30am – 10.00 Whole school assembly with introductions and reading a short warm-up book
10.00 – 10.30 Reception
11.00 – 12.00 Yrs 1/2
1pm – 2.00 Yrs 3/4
2.00 – 3.00 Yrs 5/6
3.15 Book sale and signing.

David’s Books

Big Bear Little Bear

Big Bear, Little Bear HB

Roo The Roaring Dinosaur


The Football Machine



Ella’s Games
 ellas games     

Ella is a small mouse with a big imagination. So when her brothers won’t let her play with them, Ella makes up her own games.

She chases a rainbow cat. She saves an elephant stuck in the mud. She even helps a dragon with a wobbly tooth!

Ella’s brothers soon realise who is having all the fun…

To buy David’s Book, click here.

 Recommendations and Reviews

“David spent two days at our school in January. His whole school assembly was entertaining and the children loved joining in with the George Thing dance. David carried out workshops with all year groups across the school.  The children were thoroughly engaged with what David was saying and enjoyed the workshops. David’s activities were thoughtful and relevant to each of the different age groups. He provided all children with an understanding of the process of writing books and filled them with excitement to have a go themselves. I have had lots of positive feedback from the teachers and parents, commenting on how it has inspired their children to write. David has a lovely, warm manner with the children and is very approachable. Thank you, David, for providing interesting and engaging workshops at our school.” Literacy Co-ordinator, Orchard CE Primary, Leicester

“Please thank David again for all his work with the kids. They really enjoyed it, as did all the teachers. If he ever pays us another visit I promise we’ll have a special saucer lined up for him! Anyway, thanks to Easyjet looks like he’ll get a few more days off…” Peter’s School, Barcelona, Spain

“Thank you so much for the visit yesterday. All the staff and children at Aslacton thoroughly enjoyed it; a large number of my class would now like to become authors!” Aslacton Primary, Norfolk

“Dear David, I meant to contact you sooner about the wonderful story time you did for us at the Sure Start Children’s Center in Bowthorpe. I guess it is always useful to have some feedback from these events. We found it hard to believe that you have only done a few events with this age group as your approach was spot on, and you seemed very confident when dealing with the children. (I guess being a parent is a big help!) We all really enjoyed your stories and my son, Oscar, really loves his copy of “Mo’s smelly jumper”. He especially likes the bit where the animals all fall in the mud and get dirty. I have recommended you to others in the library service who may wish to do similar events.” Literacy Development Worker, Earlham Library, Norfolk County Council

“David visited our school last year as part of our Pyramid Book Week celebrations. He entertained children from the age of 3 years up to 9 years of age. He shows a positive attitude towards the children and a strong ability to communicate effectively with them. His talks were enjoyed by pupils, staff and governors. He was funny and inspiring.David will be back to help us celebrate Book Week next year.”Literacy and Assessment Co-ordinator, Castle Hill Infant School, Ipswich

To Make a Booking

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