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Dave Fox
Dave Fox

All About Dave Fox

Dave Fox is a best-selling travel and humor author, a lively speaker and storyteller, and a writing and cross-cultural coach. For more than two decades, he has been helping people of all ages explore foreign places and write about their adventures.

Dave saw the first sparks of his travel writing career at age seven when his family moved from the United States to England. During their year abroad, they traveled frequently in Europe and northern Africa. Whenever they left home, he would scribble stories about his experiences in a big, red book he carried with him. His childhood passions for writing and foreign cultures evolved as he got older into a global career that has taken him to roughly 60 countries on five continents.

Originally from the United States, Dave has lived in England, Norway, Turkey, and Singapore. He is currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where his wife, Kattina, works as a math and science coach at Saigon South International School.

Dave’s School Visits

In his educational presentations, Dave specializes in schools that include a student travel experience as part of their curriculum. For schools or grade levels that do not offer student trips, he also has fun, hands-on, “Foreign at Home” workshops to help students explore and understand unfamiliar sub-cultures in their own communities.

For school-sponsored trips, he can tailor his workshops to be used before, during, and after the journey. Students discover fun and effective journaling techniques to help capture their experiences in vivid detail. They then learn how to polish their “rough draft” travel diaries into compelling stories for others to read.

His culture-focused presentations teach students how to embrace culture shock and thrive in foreign environments. Young travelers learn observational skills that help them be fully immersed in their surroundings. They become more sensitive to cultural and societal differences they encounter when exploring outside of their cultural comfort zones.

His teacher trainings focus on effective methods for teaching and evaluating travel journaling, as well as observational and group discussion techniques to facilitate rich cultural learning during student travel experiences.

Known for his playful sense of humor, Dave’s presentation style is fun and flexible and encourages lots of group discussion. He is happy to tailor his presentations to fit an individual school’s needs. He offers both large assembly talks and single-classroom workshops. In a typical day, he might present a morning talk to a large audience, followed by smaller, hands-on workshops for students and/or teachers for the rest of the day.

Dave has presented his workshops to students from age nine through the university level. In all of his talks, he adapts his material to fit his audience’s age group.

His most popular topics include…

In-School Presentations for Students:

  • Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals
  • The Fine Art of Travel Tale Writing: How to Polish Your “Rough Draft” Travel Diaries into Stories for Others to Read
  • The Joy of Culture Shock
  • The Life of a Travel Writer
  • Foreign at Home: Travel Adventures in Your Own Community
  • Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism

In-School Presentations for Teachers:

  • Globejotting for Educators: Teaching and Assessing Travel Journaling
  • Facilitating and Assessing Cross-Cultural Learning on Educational Trips

Student Travel Programs

Dave has served as a traveling writer-in-residence on a Singapore International School high school trip to India, where he led daily journaling workshops and discussions. He then worked with students once they returned home to help them craft more polished essays about their insights and experiences.

He is available to travel with school groups on single- and multi-day, educational trips. In addition to working with students, he coaches teachers and other trip leaders before and during the journey to help them provide the most immersive and insightful experiences possible.

Dave’s Books

Globejotting: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals (and still have time to enjoy your trip!)

Most travel diaries fizzle. By day six of a big trip, people are struggling to recall what happened on days three, four, and five. They return home with mostly-empty journals, or bland writing that fails to capture the spirit of their journeys.

Dave Fox comes to the rescue in this book that’s informative and irreverently funny. Readers discover how to:

  • Bring destinations to life with bold details.
  • Splash those details quickly onto their pages so journaling doesn’t gobble up precious vacation time.
  • Elude their “Inner Censor” and write with confidence.
  • Weave together their “outer” and “inner” journeys, using unfamiliar places as backdrops for self-discovery.

This book is written with adult travelers in mind and is suitable for high school students. For student workshops in younger grades, he adapts his techniques to match their skill levels.

“Dave Fox understands how journaling can help that great trip become a candy jar of memories that you can dip into for the rest of your life. And his book tells how.” – Rick Steves, PBS television host and bestselling guidebook author


Getting Lost: Mishaps of an Accidental Nomad

“When you travel, things go wrong.”

That might not sound like uplifting advice, but in this hilarious collection of stories about mishaps in faraway places, Dave Fox proves otherwise.

At age eight, he moves to England and nearly starts a riot in Northern Africa. As a nerdy teenager, with innocent intentions, he is caught smuggling ham radio equipment into Finland on his way to studying for a year in Norway. In his college days, he discovers it is not wise to seek inner peace inside an Icelandic volcano. A few years later, he does something exceptionally reckless. He becomes a professional tour guide.

It is written for adult readers; however, in his storytelling presentations, Dave adapts the tales in this book, as well as others he has published elsewhere, to be appropriate for younger audiences.

 “Dave Fox’s writing is hilarious. It’s rare to find a person who has such unique stories to tell and can write about them to boot.” – Tim Bete, Former Director of the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop


Dave’s Other Writing

In addition to the two above books, Dave has written hundreds of stories for other publications. His work has appeared in books by Lonely Planet and Travelers’ Tales, as well as a wide range of magazines and newspapers in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He has also received a prestigious Solas Award for excellence in travel writing.


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