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Daniel Cockrill
Daniel Cockrill

All About Daniel Cockrill

Daniel Cockrill delivers poignant, irreverent and very funny poetic anecdotes with an elegant simplicity. He has worked consistently as a poet and project coordinator in education with numerous organisations, charities and schools throughout London and the UK. Daniel Cockrill leads relevant and accessible workshops to give all ages and abilities ideas for writing, presenting and performing poetry. These workshops have inspired confidence and helped young people use their own instinctive creativity to develop an interest and enthusiasm for words and language.

Dan is a founding member of the poetry collective ‘Bang Said The Gun’, an entertaining weekly poetry event for people who do not necessarily like poetry. It is widely considered to be one of the best poetry events in the UK with performances from John Hegely, Roger McGough, Ian McMillan and Matt Harvey to name a few.

‘Best Poetry Venue In the UK’ – The Times’

Daniel also works collaboratively with many other artists including photographers, cartoonists, animators, filmmakers and musicians with a view to making poetry accessible for all. Earlier this year, 5 million viewers tuned in to watch five Bang Said The Gun short films commission by Channel 4 Random Acts.

Dan has had his worked published in a variety of books and magazines, nationally and internationally, including two full collections, one entitled ‘Pie and Papier Mache’ and the other a collaboration with photographer Mark Power entitled ‘Destroying the Laboratory for the Sake of the Experiment.’

Daniel’s School Visits

Dan offers a bespoke service tailoring workshops to the needs and abilities of children, helping them to improve their confidence, self esteem, speaking and listening skills.

He has worked in primary and secondary schools for the past eight years.

In a primary school setting, Dan will set up a Poetry Factory, creating an environment to help build and develop individual and group poems for performance and page. Poems that will make you laugh, cry, think and feel.

In an upper primary and secondary school setting, he will help the students explore writing and performing in greater depth to develop individual and group poems for the page and stage, prompting students to consider what makes good quality writing and what makes a good quality performance?

He has organised and curated poetry events within schools, bringing parents and children of all ages together to create an exciting spoken word culture that inspires a lasting legacy.

Dan gives a 20 – 30 minute poetry performance to the whole school to introduce teachers and students to his work.

Samples of Daniel’s Poetry

Big Poem

Big Hitters  Big Stick
Big Bullies  Big Kick

Big Clock Big Car
Big Time Big Star

Big Fish Big Thoughts
Big Bucks Big Noughts

Big Cheese Big Deal
Big Shot Big Kill

Big Apple Big Smoke
Big Business Big Joke

Big Wig Big-ot
Big No No Big Not

Big Brother Big Head
Big Bombs Big Dead

Big Blunder Big Slump
Big Planes Big Ships

Big Mouth  Big Mac
Big Bird Big Quack

Big Bang Big Top
Big Mistakes Big Stop

Reviews and Recommendations

‘Daniel continues to relentlessly inspire and motivate young people and experienced educators with his passion for words and drive to create unique and meaningful educational experiences for all those he works with.’ Martin Cook, Literacy Coordinator, Kingsford Community School 

To Make a Booking

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