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Dan Freedman
Dan Freedman

All About Dan Freedman

Football has been a massive part of Dan’s life since he went to his first game, aged around three. In fact, he says, “I’m lying! I didn’t like that first game too much. But my dad took me back the next week and from then on, it was pretty much game over. Football was my thing.”

Dan loved playing football – and still does – but when it finally dawned on him that he might not be quite good enough to be a professional he set his mind on trying to work out if he could still be a part of the game somehow.

It seemed to him that the next best thing to playing the game was watching it so his new ambition was to become a football journalist. Dan started early. His first ever published work of football writing – a letter that he sent into Shoot! magazine when he was 13! Then, while he was still at school, he did lots and lots of work experience at different, newspapers, TV and radio stations. Those experiences gave him the taste of what it was like to be involved in football and the confidence to believe he could go on and achieve it.

My really big break came when, just after I’d left University, he got offered a job at The Football Association. It was a dream come true for me, just as it would be for any football fan. Imagine going into work everyday at the organisation which actually ‘runs’ football. He had to pinch himself everyday that he sat at his desk.

Within two years he was travelling to the 2002 World Cup Finals, which were held in Korea and Japan. As The FA’s Editor, it was his job to interview all of the England players and report on their matches. As someone who’d grown up watching the likes of Beckham and Owen, to be living and working with them, day in and day out was a truly unbeatable experience.

As a journalist too, mixing with and getting to know the best football writers in the country was a great education.

As time went on, and his confidence grew, he ended up getting to know almost all the players that played for the Three Lions. Rooney, Gerrard, Walcott AND Ferdinand were all kind enough to let him interview them, sometimes on several occasions as he set up The England Team’s first ever in-house TV channel.

Dan’s School Visits

Get Dan to visit your school and deliver an inspirational talk to a large group. He will tell them about his journey from being a football fanatic at school (just like so many of them) all the way through to working with the England Team and becoming a football author.
It is a fun and interactive session, for both boys and girls, using their passion for sport to engage them in reading, writing, raising their aspirations and thinking about their futures.
Subjects covered are:
• The journey from football fan to published author
• Thinking about what job you may want in the future
• How to get a job in football journalism
• What it’s like working in football
• How to interview international stars
• A DVD of Dan’s interviews with Beckham, Rooney etc
• How to write a creative story
• What goes into getting a book published
• The importance of high aspirations and never giving up
• A reading from a book in the Jamie Johnson series
• Lots of questions! (Including prizes for the best ones)
• Book signing at the end


Short Visit – An hour. Dan is happy to stay and sign books afterwards.
Technical Requirements:
DVD player & Projector/TV
Audience: Dan is happy to speak to any sized audience
Age: 7-14 are the best audience for Dan’s talk
Dan also runs half day and full day visits to work with the pupils in more depth.
Also Available: Football Writing Workshop
If you want Dan to come to your school for a longer period, it is possible to do a football writing workshop with a smaller group after Dan’s talk.
Dan will work with a class (up to 25) to help stimulate their creative writing. Dan will read an excerpt from one of his books and stop at a cliff-hanger moment…The students are then invited to write what happens next, with Dan giving them tips, hints and encouragement as they write.
The children then read out to each other the endings that they have come up with and they discuss what they liked about one another’s work.
It is a hugely enjoyable session which shows the pupils that they really do have the ability to write creatively and can have fun doing so. Teachers are often amazed at certain pupils’ ability to produce a significant amount of writing when channelled in this way.

To Make a Booking

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