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Colin R Parsons
Colin R Parsons

All About Colin R Parsons

Colin Parsons was born in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales and has always enjoyed writing from being a small boy. Colin admits that he was never any good at maths or science, but writing seemed more natural. ‘Some people love sport or painting or poetry. Not for me I’m afraid, but writing always took me to another world where I could forget about all the boring stuff as a child’.
Colin Parsons left school at sixteen and also left writing for quite a few years and didn’t start again until his early thirties when he wrote a short story called ‘Halfway Home’ which he emailed to a publishers, who liked what they saw and published his short stories and that was his first real break.

Since then he published a series called Wizards’ Kingdom with Athena Press in 2005, also Wizards’ Kingdom ‘The Obelisk of Ashmar’ in 2006.’ The last instalment of Wizards’ Kingdom is ‘Jarraks Darkness’ which was published in 2007. These books sold well in excess of 9,000 copies. In 2009 North Staffordshire Press published ‘The Curious World of Shelley Vendor’.

In August 2011 Colin and his wife Janice started Tallyberry Publishing and reprinted ‘The Curious World of Shelley Vendor,’ and also published ‘The Curious World of Katie Hinge,’ books at Glenside Printing. In September 2012, Crank Tech One: Destruction was published, making that his sixth book to date.
Colin is a member of: The Scattered Authors Society – Dragontongue – Literature Wales.

Colin’s School Visits

Colin works with key stage 2 and key stage 3.
A typical day for a school visit is; a one hour presentation to the whole or part school and three one hour workshops for different classes or groups.

The presentation in the hall can be to an audience of around 100 to 300 primary school children where he will begin with talking about himself and how he started on the road to his writing career.
Next he will integrate short stories and other books into the discussion. Colin can also play act one of his short stories, ‘in which I chase an ice-cube’ and is an hilarious part of the session.
There is a Q&A session where students can ask anything about his writing and he will explain how to begin writing a book, exploring narrative adding characters and dialogue. Colin will also explain how he develops a character and how to come up with character and place names.
Colin will read a chapter from one of his books and afterwards take a book-signing and sell books to the children.

Workshops start with what Colin calls ‘break the ice,’ which starts with a quiz which he has developed and all children enjoy. He has ten titles on cards that they have to identify and answer as quickly as possible on authors and book titles (a quick-fire round) which the children really have fun with, trying to answer first.

Hotspot – is a fun way in which Colin gets more in depth, explaining and exploring; narrative, description, dialogue and pace. The children join in by giving characters names, places and so forth in a fun ‘pass the parcel’ type of game. Colin also does a ‘Minds Eye’ sketch and asks questions in the session and drops in a bit of humour to keep the interest. At the end of the workshop, he reads a short story which has been written especially for the workshop

After doing the workshop and presentation, the children are normally inspired to write for themselves. The short story for the workshop is open ended and they can finish it off and put their own slant on it. Colin’s aim is to inspire the pupils to go on and write, filled with excitement. They are normally bubbling with ideas at the end of the session.

Colin has also recently introduced fiction writing workshops with a First World War theme in commemoration of the centenary of the outbreak of the war.

In schools, Colin will take his own banners and props, but if the school could provide a dry wipe board and dry wipe marker for the workshop, that would be great.

Colin’s Books

House of Darke

House of Darke

Zade, Tina, Pip and Meadow are four teenagers enjoying an end-of-summer bike ride that is until a mist descends, leaving them stranded at a picnic area in the middle of the countryside. What can they do? The grey fog is dense and they can’t see a metre in front of them. They abandon their bikes and set off to seek help. Finding shelter by way of the secluded country house owned by the wealthy and charming Lord Epacseon Darke, they had no idea what would happen next. Welcome to House of Darke enjoy your stay!
Wizards Kingdom

Wizards’ Kingdom Book 1
His first and very exciting book which starts with the Evil warlock Evilan taking over the Kingdom in which the five wizards’ live.  There are five castles in Wizards’ Kingdom and everyone lived a simple but happy life.  Lord Torsk as ruler, Zendal, Crasmont, Mydar and Evilan looked after the rest of the kingdom. The population were protected by their peers and that’s how life went on.  Torsk lives in Spellock Castle and rules with the respect of the other wizards’ until Evilan makes his move.
Now times are changing and with Torsk locked in his own dungeon and with Evilan seeking out the other wizards’ with his army of Seekers and Kites what will become of the Kingdom? Loof the Catchet, enters the adventure and things become more complicated for Evilan as time progresses……

The obelisk of ashmar

The Obelisk of Ashmar Book 2

Since the defeat of Evilan, Wizards’ Kingdom has lived in peace under the benevolent rule of Zendal.  Until now… Zendal’s beloved stallion, Shim, has been stolen and an evil foreboding once again fills the wizards’ heart.  Along with fellow wizards, Crasmont and Mydar, and with assistance from old friends and new, Zendal must set out for the Obelisk of Ashmar, to fight an unknown enemy in his bid to rescue Shim.
But will the wizards’ magic amulets be enough to keep them safe, as they encounter the witches of Caylan, vicious Kites and brutal Seekers, on their journey towards a deadly battle with evil.
The Obellisk of Ashmar continues the adventures of the Wizards of Wizards’ Kingdom and their friend Loof the Catchet.  Once again, their skills, spells and team spirit are called upon to save the day, and this time the safety of the whole kingdom is at stake.

Jarraks darkness

Jarrak’s Darkness book 3

The Obelisk Of Ashmar is crumbling and Jarrak, the evil Catchet, has been defeated.   Yet in his dying moments, he cast a wicked spell on Loof, brainwashing him into attacking Wizards’ Kingdom.  Accompanied by Evilan and a vicious army of Kites and Seekers, Loof marches toward’s Spellock Castle.
King Zendal with the help of the wizard’s: Crasmont and Mydar and his faithful Stallion Shim, must set out after them and fight his enemies one last time.  Struggling across a landscape plunged into perpetual winter, the wizard’s encounter life-threatening perils and the hostile Demonites.
Only their faith in each other can give them enough strength to face their final destiny.  Without this, Loof’s evil reign will overwhelm Wizards’ Kingdom forever…

Shelley Vendor

The Curious World of Shelley Vendor Book 1

Shelley is thirteen, a bookworm and accident prone.  Whilst on a school trip with her best friend Katie, her whole life is turned upside down as curiosity grips her and she is thrust into the weird world of Reflections.
Lost in an unusual, and yet increasingly familiar landscape filled with dangers, Shelley tries to make sense of the odd creatures and bizarre circumstances which brought her there.  She soon has to stop thinking and start running however when ‘The Hunter’ appears.  An evil overlord, he and his Razzard wolves will stop at nothing to capture her. Can new found friend Kevin help her?  Or will she take advice from the mysterious ‘Voice from the Void’?  She must find her way home somehow, or stay imprisoned in this strange world forever.  If you read and enjoyed my previous series, you will definitely love my new Curious World book.

Katie Hinge

The Curious World of Katie Hinge Book 2

Shelley has disappeared!  Lord Fairbourne and Shadrack Scarrat have been murdered!
But who has done such a thing?  Monkey is lost without Katie and needs her to come back to Reflections and help find Shelley.
Kevin has gone on a crusade all on his own.  The ‘Voice from the Void’ tells them all they need to know is below the witch’s den!
Is there another side to Reflections, a more dangerous and even darker side?
Maybe Via can help them – but who is Via?  There is danger and mystery waiting at every turn.
Katie, Monkey and Kevin…must keep their wits about them in this final, exciting adventure!

Crank Tech One

Crank Tech One: Destruction

Bailey is an author who needs a model to promote his new Sci-fi novel. He eventually finds his character, Crank Tech One at Andy’s Sci-fi auction. But writing about a renegade robot and actually owning one are two different things. When his plans go wrong, what can he do? Can his younger brother, David help him? or are they both in way above their heads.

Some Robots Should Be Left Well Alone…


D.I.S.C. Direct Interface Shadow Control (Pegasus Elliott Mackenzie 2017)
Joseph Lanes is lying on the ground, in the mud, battered and bruised from another encounter with the bullying McKenzie brothers. A fairly normal occurrence for fifteen-year-old Joseph. Being skinny and ginger makes him a frequent target and Joseph has given up trying to fight back. Little does Joseph know that his life is about to change forever. As he painfully starts to get up he notices, in the undergrowth, a small disc with a flashing light that he cannot resist the overwhelming urge to press. He is immediately transformed into a soldier, complete with a sophisticated full body protective suit, and powers he had never imagined. But he does not appear to be on Earth. He is not alone. There are four other teenagers, two boys and two girls, who seem to have been transported in a similar manner to himself. They soon discover they are not who they think they are and they have a terrible mission to fulfil.

Reviews and Recommendations

‘Colin ran the day really well. His delivery was entertaining and informative. The children were fully engaged and produced some great writing. They really enjoyed his visit.’ Jan

‘I just wanted to say that Colin Parsons was amazing; the children really enjoyed his workshop and his passion really inspired the children.
Thank you, I really appreciate your help.’ Stacey Freeman – Heathlands School

‘I have read Shelly Vendor for the second time this month, I love it!!! I can’t wait to read your other books, I want to be be a author one day like you, I think you gave me the final boost up when you came to Able Writers Day, it was quite a long time ago, but I will always remember it, I still have the mini story we wrote with you, Death-Trap, I think I`m going to extend it and trying put it in my own book.
I have also written a whole book, you were really the one who really inspired me to do that.’

“We thoroughly enjoyed the informative and entertaining assembly and workshop you gave. The assembly was both funny and exciting and really captured the pupils’ imagination. It was a real roller coaster ride through the Wizards’ Kingdom trilogy with a sharp turn into The Curious World of Shelley Vendor and short visits to Katie Hinge and Crank Tech One. Every pupil was inspired and engaged in you every word. The Year 6 workshop was a perfect follow-up. They benefited from the in-depth discussion on writing fiction and interactive, thought provoking short story you read.
I know that the pupils have been influenced by your visit and your books we have in our library are evidently popular with them all.
Thanks once again.” Mr Kyle Winter (English Teacher) at Bryncethin Primary School.

“Colin R Parsons has made several visits to our school, since becoming an author, and has always been a source of inspiration to our pupils. His stories are captivating and the characters are appealing to children across the Primary age range. His animated presentations are a popular addition to our literacy provision, and have been invaluable in explaining and engaging pupils in the writing process. We are grateful for the input he has given to our school and look forward to working with him again.” Alison Hall, (English Teacher) Williamstown Primary School.

“Thank you so much for an invaluable visit to our school yesterday. The children were enthralled and gained a tremendous amount from the experience. The level at which the presentation and workshops were pitched (Keystage 2) was just right and the children were extremely impressed with meeting a ‘real’ author. It has been inspirational and we will recommend your visits to other schools.” Mrs Elizabeth Wheeler, (English Teacher) Llanilltud Faerdref Primary School

To Make a Booking

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