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Clive PiG
Clive PiG

All About Clive PiG


Clive PiG is a storyteller, poet and children’s author who has plied his trade in schools in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar, the Netherlands, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, UK and the US.

As well as telling tales in numerous International Schools he has shared stories and run workshops for street children in Indonesia and the Philippines, performed in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan on behalf of the British Council and told stories at No 10 Downing Street.

On his travels he has collected hundreds of myths, legends, fables and folk tales and these expeditions have inspired more than a tale or two of their own. What’s been seen, heard and imagined along the way can be found in his two illustrated books of original tales and comic poetry: Jurassic Cove and Other Jolly Japes and Unicorn in the Playground.




Clive’s School Visits

During the course of a day he performs several storytelling sessions lasting from 30 minutes to an hour. Often he kicks off Book Week, or rounds it off with a whole school assembly. Equally happy with small or large groups, he’s able to perform in the classroom, the library, drama studio or theatre.

These highly entertaining sessions can be followed with storytelling and creative writing workshops. He also runs storytelling workshops for teachers and parents sharing his Top Ten Tale Telling Tips.


Clive’s Books

Jurassic Cove


Jurassic Cove & Other Jolly Japes  is Clive’s second collection of stories, poems and wordy whatsamajigs.

In this action packed book full of fantastic illustrations your imagination will leap into life. Meet the two friends who become dinosaurs for a day, the boy who swallows his sister’s goldfish and Louisa who orders a pizza portrait.

Jurassic Cove & Other Jolly Japes appeals to 5 -11 year olds and some even younger and many who are older.


Unicorn In The Playground

Unicorn In The Playground is a compendium of Clive’s choicest cuts: some to be spoken, sung or shouted; some to be read curled up in bed.

Meet Suzanne who loves a snowman. Gasp at the exploits of Colin who turns into chocolate and starts to eat himself for breakfast. And what on earth happens next when you look in the mirror and nobody’s there?!

Unicorn In The Playground appeals to 11-5 year olds and some even older and many who are younger.

To purchase Clive’s books, click here.


Sample of Clive’s Poems & Stories

Sasha Squished A Spider

Sasha squished a spider,
It was an accident.
Its insides oozed outside – ugh!
Its little legs were bent.

Her mum said, ‘Don’t be sad,
No need to look so glum.
Some good can come from bad,
Let’s make another one.

‘Take this tasty meatball,
Add eight thin frozen chips.
Choc-chips make great eyeballs,
Or even orange pips.’

Then it clambered to the rafters
Like a Himalayan yeti,
And lived happily ever after
In a web made of spaghetti.

Nice Is Nasty

Nice is a nasty little word.
It should not be seen,
It should not be heard.

It should not be written,
It should not be said.
It should never ever get out of bed.

It should crawl away and say goodbye.
It should curl up in a ball and die.

Juggling Potatoes

When you’re juggling potatoes
As everybody knows
It is very funny
If you drop them on your toes

But you won’t make much money
And the crowd won’t feel so chummy

If you fumble
they will mumble

If you bumble
They will grumble

There’ll be a right old rough and tumble

If potaters hit spectators
And spuds bonk them on the nose!

Recommendations and Reviews

“Clive doesn’t just tell the story, he lives the story.”

Emma Cordy, Stage Manager, Big Top, Kidz Field, Glastonbury Festival.

“The icing on the cake of our Book Week has been the attendance of Clive PiG.
His storytelling and workshops have been unbelievably dynamic.
Watching his energy and enthusiasm for his craft has been inspirational
and I have no doubt he will leave BSM having inspired a new generation of storytellers.”

Simon Mann, Head of School, Book Week British School Manila, Philippines


“Thanks so much for spending four days at Bangkok Patana School. Our students, teachers and parents all had a wonderful time. I have never heard so many compliments about one person – your ears must be burning! It really was a fabulous experience for all of us. I was amazed how you could make such a positive connection with such varied audiences. How on earth can you know so many different stories off by heart? We were all entranced; it was lovely to see the attentive and excited faces of our Patana family. What a great way for us to celebrate World Book Day! Thanks so much. Do come back to our school again! ”

Sally Flint, Head of Libraries Bangkok Patana, Thailand

“Clive Pig’s visit to our school was a rip roaring success! It was definitely money well spent, as he worked his socks off, performing 27 separate sessions over 5 days. He has an almost hypnotic knack for commanding the attention of a hall full of squirming small children, all of whom lived, breathed and felt each of his stories. In fact, age is immaterial when it comes to Clive’s wide repertoire, with all students (and staff!) aged 3-13 utterly engaged and entranced, leading to inspirational drama and writing.

Clive was a gentleman, charming everyone he met on campus, and was very flexible, offering at the last moment to perform an extra assembly at the end of the week. He even performed at Sekolah Bisa, a local charitable school set up and run by our IB students, and was just as well received there, even though they have very little understanding of English.

We are sincerely hoping that we can welcome Clive back to BIS again soon.”

Jo Osman, Literacy Leader, BIS Jakarta, Indonesia Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan


“ Thank you Clive. It was lovely to see so many children’s smiling faces.”

Areej Khalifat, English Partnerships Project Officer, British Council


“You’ll dig Clive PiG. I did.”  John Hegley.



To Make a Booking

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