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Clive Dale
Clive Dale

All About Clive Dale


Born in Shrewsbury and was named after Lord Robert Clive (Clive of India) who has a statue in the town square.

Clive’s schooling started at Meole Brace School, then after moving: Georgetown Secondary School, Tredegar followed by Tredegar Grammar School; and finally, Canton High School, Cardiff.

Clive had a career in computing for over 40 years attaining MBCS CITP AMBCS status. This resulted in him working for many companies and living in different parts of the United Kingdom.

Clive was fourteen when he heard the ‘Magic Camel’ story, a nonsense story, and has been telling the story ever since. This encouraged him to develop his own stories for his work with children, young people and even adults.

Clive spent a major part of his spare time involved youth organisations in various organisations, the main one being Boys’ Brigade. He occasionally visited schools to promote these youth activities by taking school assemblies.

At a Christian conference in 2010 Clive shared a couple of his stories with others over dinner and a minister said he should write them down and publish them. Clive finally decided to start this in 2013 when he published, Clive the Magic Camel at the Zoo’.

Clive stories are enjoyed by all ages and he had to make a decision on the age group for his books. He finally decided to write the story as early readers for those in the earlier stages of reading, thinking that the appeal of the illustrated short stories would encourage them to finish the book, read it often, and the want to read more books.

Each story has a ‘School Value’ (moral) and the story can be just read to younger children by displaying the illustrations to keep them interested, or to older groups to aid discussions on the moral.

Experience in Schools to date:

Clive is DBS checked and has made over 40 visits to many schools in the last few years reading his published books and answering questions from the pupils. These have currently been with Key Stages 1 and 2 but he has also been involved with KS3, covering the whole process of story development, through writing to publishing etc.

Clive uses A4 illustrations for small groups and illustrations on PowerPoint for larger groups, classes and assemblies. Clive also speaks at adult groups e.g. W.I. and Rotary Clubs.
Clive has taken Story Writing classes with Juniors, KS3, and a literary festival.

Main experience has been reading his stories in assemblies or circulating around classes followed by question and answer session. I am also requested to lead one-hour story building classes for Juniors, and occasionally talks about my experience of writing and publishing my books to either KS2 and KS3 (Lynch Hill Academy, Slough) followed by more in-depth question and answer sessions;

Largest groups: St Paul’s Hereford 450, Bushmead, Luton 750 pupils with KS1 and
KS2 in two separate halls;

Involved in a KS2 class (32 pupils, St Paul’s Hereford) for a project where each pupil had to write a story based in Tudor times. Clive circulated around the class: talking to pupils about their work; encouraging them; giving suggestions and advice to help them in their story writing;

A list of the author’s visits can be viewed at:

Clive’s School Visits

Clive is happy to come and work with the school to meet their requirements. It can be as simple as reading one or more stories with a question and answer session after each story. This could be for the whole school or moving around classes. Some examples of school programmes can be viewed at:

Clive can give an interactive presentation on the process of building, writing and printing a story. Other components will also be included illustrations, publication and marketing.

Clive is also available to be involved in classwork by:
Short talks on specified aspects of writing;
Using appropriate examples;
Working with groups by discussion, suggestions, encouragement, etc.

Currently the author’s stories last around 15 minutes to read and the illustrations are integral to the stories.
Clive’s purpose for school involvement is the same as he applied to his books. To encourage children to read and enjoy the process of reading, by providing interesting stories with attractive illustrations. So that they will then be encouraged to pick up and read other books. This love of books and their stories will also encourage them to develop and write their own stories.


Festivals and other events:

Clive was invited to be part of the Cleckheaton Literary Festival in 2016, and he is available for other Literary Festivals, Community, Adult meetings and other events where his books or a visit would be of benefit to others.

Clive’s Books

Clive the Magic Camel at the Zoo

clive the magic camel at the zoo

This is an old nonsense story which has been written down, illustrated, and the camel given the name Clive.
It keeps to the original attributes that Clive wished for from the other animals, but he ended up wishing he was back as a camel.

Promotes: ‘Be Happy with Yourself – Self Esteem’.

Johnny and the Rice Pudding

johnny and the rice pudding

Johnny loves eating cold rice pudding but he got into trouble when his mother went out and left him to look after the rice pudding while it was in the cupboard  waiting to go cold ready for the evening meal.

Promotes: ‘Respect other people and their property’ & ‘Do not steal’.

Ollie the Onion

ollie the onion

All the other vegetables in the garden did not liked the onions because they were dirty, smelly, and had horrible brown dry skins. Ollie heard the things the other vegetables said about them and they were very confused.

Were the other vegetables saying the truth, or did they have an ulterior motive?

Promotes: ‘Do not give in to bullies’ & ‘Be your best’.

Johnny and His Boat

Johnny love boats and he has done ever since he had toy boats in the bath when he was very small. As he got older he had other boats, that were plastic or tin, but they did not look like the real thing. He asked his father if he would help him build a model boat that looked like a real boat.
Did they build a boat together and was Johnny happy with it?

Promotes: ‘Put everything into what you want to do’.

Perky Pea

When the pea pod burst the, peas were scattered onto the garden. Instead of being cosy, warm and feeling safe. They were now in the open, cold, and feeling venerable.

None of them had been in this environment before, so they had no experience of what will happen. Or what to do if something does happen. What did happen? What did they do? Were they going to survive?

Promotes: ‘Perseverance’.


Suzy Sprout

As soon as Suzy first became a sprout she saw everything that was happening. she noticed that the bigger sprouts were being taken off their stalks and placed into a basket.

It wasn’t very long before Suzy decided that she wanted to be taken and placed in the basket. So, sh e kept shouting, ‘Please pick me.’

Promotes: ‘Patience’.


Crunchie Carrot

Because Crunchie was bigger than the other carrots he thought he was better than the others and did not mix with them.

But as time and events happened he gradually, became concerned about their safety and ended up mixing with them as friends.

Promotes: ‘Friendship’, ‘Care’, & ‘Consideration’.

Reviews and recommendations

Neelam Hussain, Al Khair School, Oldbury, Birmingham

“Thank you, Clive, it was great to have you at our school, we look forward to seeing you again soon.”


Mr William Davis, Bushmead School, Luton

“Believe me Mr ‘Clive’ – the pleasure was all ours! I have had so many glowing comments from children and adults who loved your stories and the way that you presented them. Our book week next year will be about the same time – so if you are free to return then I’d love to have you back! – Certainly, the name Clive Dale will be an inspiration for a generation of avid readers in Luton.”


Sue Addison, Head Teacher, Cavendish Junior School, Chesterfield

“Yesterday went well I thought. The children enjoyed your visit – so thanks.”


Emmanuelle Floquet Stockholm, Sweden

“I love the image of that book you are giving. It is important for kids to get some kind of moral guidance in their stories as parents don’t always think about doing it themselves or cannot do it. Bravo for your contribution in making these little souls wiser!”


St Pauls C of E School, Hereford (magazine)

“Clive Dale … read his story ‘Clive the Magic Camel at the Zoo’ this week. It was wonderful to see the children laughing at the development of this strange animal.”


Sarah, Milford VA, USA

“I have an 8 and a 9-year-old daughter. They read the book together and they really enjoyed reading it. They had so much fun sounding out the animals’ names.

This would be a great book for the author to present at a school and read to students and celebrate everyone’s differences. We had a local author come to our school that did that and the children loved it. This is the perfect book for such a presentation and for children to learn about writing. I look forward to checking out more books from the author.”


Mary Jane Calara, London

“Great book, the moral lesson is not just for children but for grown- ups too. Proud to have one! Thanks Clive Dale!”


Janet O’Shea, St Ives, Cornwall

“Nina, Morgan, Finley and Aidan really enjoyed this book. It was funny when mummy couldn’t pronounce the words! We are looking forward to reading ‘Clive at the Seaside’.”


Brenda Riddle, Sheppey, Kent

Gave your book ‘Johnny and the Rice Pudding’ to a family in Georgia, USA with 3 red headed little boys, one who’s name happens to be Johnny. They used the recipe that evening and loved it, never having eaten rice pudding before. Couldn’t wait to tell you, ‘Your internationally famous’ now.


To Make a Booking

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Further information on Clive Dale is available on his website