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Christina Gabbitas
Christina Gabbitas

All About Christina Gabbitas

Christina was inspired by her own childhood fears and her children to write. Her ideas were placed in a box file for eighteen years when she decided to do something with them. Christina thought, if she never tries, she will never know how her work would be received. Christina’s books began to take flight. She has been a Peoples Book Prize Finalist for 2104, 2015 and 2016.

Spike Milligan was a great inspiration to her. She used to love reading his poetry and his book of Silly Verse is one of her favourites.

Christina won Yorkshire Women of Achievement in Education in 2016 for encouraging children to read and write. (Beating off professors and key educationalists in Yorkshire)

In 2015, she picked up the Dame Beryl Bainbridge First Time Author Award for encouraging children to ‘have a go’ at writing with initiative gained support from The British Library, The Victoria and Albert Museum and TES Global who were amongst a few. Christina was invited to the United Arab Emirates for two consecutive years, staging storytelling and poetry workshops at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival.

Christina’s School Visits

Storytelling – Reading-Aloud

Christina’s largest audience for storytelling has been 300, with sing along songs. She have staged these from pre-school up to age 7/8.

A session will differ with ages groups, but ordinarily if she visits a few classes, this can range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes per group (or longer).

With the Felicity Fly series there are sixteen different character accents, which helps to engage children. The series teach children about the world around them with fun. Topics include pollination, healthy food and the importance of teamwork and friendship. Christina likes to promote learning with fun. There are two sing along songs with the books (ages 5-7 years).

The latest book Triangular Trev and the Shape Idols is out on 22nd October being launched at Sheffield Meadowhall. This book is aimed at key stage one, familiarising the children with mathematical terms. Characters include: Triangular Trev, Isosceles Irene, Perpendicular Peri, Horizontal Horatio, Rectangular Reg, Nonagon Norma and Equilateral Eric. The characters all play musical instruments and sing a song about who they are.


Poetry Workshops

Christina runs a national initiative that gained support from the education secretary in 2013. She conducts poetry workshops surrounding the initiative, for the children to ‘have a go’ at writing an ‘eight line thyme’. These workshops are fun and aimed at ages 7-13.

In an ideal world 1 hour 15/30 minutes is best or longer depending on what the school requirements are.


Christina’s Books

Welcome To The World of Felicity Fly – Addresses Fears (for ages 3-6)

Felicity Fly book cover_Felicity Fly cover

Felicity Fly In The Garden – Addresses: Pollination (age 5-7)

Felicity Fly in the garden

Felicity Fly Meets Veronica Vac – Addresses: Teamwork  (age 5-7) with Sing Along

Felicity fly meets veronica vac

Felicity Fly Meets The Dragon Fruit – Addresses Healthy Food (age 5-7) with Sing-Along

Felicity fly meets the dragon fruit

Triangular Trev and The Musical Shapes – Addresses Mathematical Terms and Music with fun (age 6-7/8) – Out October 22nd – Sheffield Meadowhall WHSmith.

Triangular trev

Share Some Secrets – Educates children on the difference between good and troublesome secrets (child sexual abuse) This has been endorsed by NSPCC and Barnardo’s. This is a book that a child can pick up without parental supervision. A major company, educating teachers and professional on the safeguarding subject, is currently using the book as a resource.

Share some secrets

Other publications:

Children’s Poetry Volume 1 –  Fears , Phobias, Teamwork and friendship

Children’s Poetry Volume 2 – Creatures and Food

Children’s Poetry Volume 3 – Exercise and Healthy Food

Children’s Poetry Volume 4 – Music and Artists – Out September/October

Recommendations & Reviews

“Thank you so much Christina. We loved having you in our school for World Book Day. You were absolutely fabulous with the children and I know they all thoroughly enjoyed it. Your stories about Felicity Fly and her friends were fantastic and we were all very entertained with the fantastic accents you added to the characters as you read them. Your passion and enthusiasm as an author is inspirational, and many of the children in Year 6 have been writing poems and stories of their own. We hope to share some of them with you.” – Northfield Primary School, Wakefield

“I wanted to say thank you for the day that you spent with us in Year 3, the children really enjoyed the day. Your enthusiasm and use of accents really inspired their writing and illustrations and the work they produced was of a high standard as a result.” – Sacred Heart Primary School, Leeds

“Thank you so much Christina for an absolutely amazing 2 days. The children loved your stories about Felicity Fly and were mesmerised by your different accents. They were enthralled with the stories and some wished that you could have stayed with them longer. A very busy afternoon with year 6 produced some fantastic starts to budding poets. Thank you once again for visiting.” – Bankside Primary School, Leeds

“Thank you very much for visiting school yesterday to help us celebrate National Poetry Day.  The poetry workshops were very successful as you inspired Year 5 to write some very good rhyming poetry and the girls were extremely proud to share their work with you. Year 3 had fun listening to your ‘Felicity Fly’ stories and liked your voices that brought the characters alive. They loved participating in the stories too. The Y6 and Y7 girls whose poetry is featured in your book ‘An Invitation that Captured the Primary School Nation’ were very excited to meet you and you gave them encouragement to continue to write.” – Angela Wimbush – Deputy Head, Wakefield Girls School

To Make a Booking

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