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Cassandra Wye
Cassandra Wye

All About Cassandra Wye

Cassandra Wye originally trained to work as a Psychologist – but ran away to the circus instead! Her love of flying lured her first to the flying trapeze but her greater love for soft landings soon brought her back down to earth! At circus school, she studied storytelling, physical and street theatre and whist working with an Asian Dance Company she discovered how stories could be told through the body and voice together so that a tale could be seen and heard.
This led her in 1991 to create her own company Stories in Motion which draws together her training in circus, dance and physical theatre to create vividly vibrant and physical storytelling performances that fizz with energy, exuberance and enthusiasm. Her unforgettable and unmistakeable approach brings stories and audiences alive, across languages, across ages and across cultures.
Stories in Motion has taken Cassandra Wye around the globe storytelling, from Barbados to Borneo, from the depths of the rainforest to the roof of the world, working with cosy community celebrations and on the streets with audiences of 1000’s.

Educational experience

Cassandra has worked as a storyteller promoting a kinaesthetic approach to learning across the educational spectrum from nurseries to universities, including:
• As an internationally acclaimed key note presenter and workshop leader at arts and education conferences in Singapore, South Korea and Australia
• As guest tutor on postgraduate and undergraduate teacher training courses in UK, South Korea and Malaysia
• As curriculum development advisor with Hong Kong Ministry of Education, devising creative approaches to reading, writing and language learning to inspire reluctant learners
• With The British Council across Asia using storytelling to increase access to education for marginalised communities including disabled people, refugees, orphans and street children

Cassandra’s School Visits

Cassandra offers to schools a wide range of existing packages of performances, workshops and staff training. She can also deliver a bespoke service to meet the specific needs of your children.

Performance Packages:

• Are ideal for introducing storytelling to the whole school
• Can be tailored to meet curriculum needs from maths to music making, from human rights to healthy eating
• Are drawn from a global repertoire to celebrate storytelling traditions from around the world
• Can be combined with follow on workshops as required
• Alternatively, performances can offer follow on ideas for teacher’s use within the classroom

Performance Requirements:

• Use of school hall or drama studio for larger groups; classroom or library for smaller groups
• Lapel or headset mike required only for performances with more than 100 children

Examples of Existing Packages:

Early Years Foundation Stage – The Story Pot
The Story Pot bubbles to the brim with shimmering shoals of flying fish, dancing dazzling raindrops and gigantic pumpkins!
The Story Pot combines carefully crafted tales with exquisitely made props to create a uniquely interactive and multi-sensory experience ideal for very young children.
Ideal for: Enriching verbal and non-verbal communication, exploring understanding of the world, developing emotional literacy
Group size: 10 – 20 children per session depending on age
A typical day: 8 x 30 minute sessions with up to one class of children per session

Key Stage One – A Fabulous Feast of Fables
From magical chocolate pots to mysterious dancing kettles – a deliciously delightful concoction of tales that celebrate food from around the world!
Ideal for: Building verbal and non-verbal communication; introducing collaborative storytelling; exploring cultures from around the world; promoting healthy eating;
Group size: Nursery up to 20; reception up to 30; year one and two – up to 70 children
A typical day: 4 x 30 min sessions with nursery and reception; 2 x 1 hour with years 1 – 2

Key Stage Two – The Story Quest featuring Folktales from Asia
Rip-roaring roller coaster tales of adventure! From crossing crocodile infested rivers, to saving villages from ravenous dragons … the audience are invited into the story to create a happy ending!
Highly interactive and intensely participative, the children have an unforgettable experience of how to create and tell a story together with the storyteller.
Ideal for: Developing literacy; for specialist language learning sessions with EAL children; for communication skills training for children with special needs; exploring Asian communities countries and cultures
Group size: Up to 70 children per session
A typical day: Junior Schools – 1 hour x 4 performances with years 3 – 6; Primary Schools (performances for all key stages are available with The Story Quest)
Group size: Up to 30 EYFS; Up to 70 KS1; Up to 120 KS2
Typical day: 3 x 20 minute nursery and reception; 2 x 30 minutes year 1 -2; 2 x 1 hour years 3 – 6

Key Stages Three and Four – Holding Up the Sky

From the mischievous tale of true love found with a fish to the emotional powerful search for a stolen son – these stories celebrate the rich and diverse storytelling heritage across SE Asia.
Ideal for: Developing an international curriculum for literature and drama; developing presentation and performance skills; exploring the relationship between religion, ethics and storytelling
Group size: From individual classes to entire school assembly as appropriate
Typical day: 45 minute year group assembly performance followed by 3 x 70 minute workshops

Special Schools – Tactile Tales 

Tactile Tales are: stories brought to life through tactile, textile props, so the story can be seen, felt, heard and lived by all. All the props have been specially designed to be swung, stroked and shared so that the audience is immersed, involved and included in the creation of a story.
Tactile Tales enable children and young people with profound and multiple disabilities to interact with and express their ideas through multisensory storytelling.
Group size: From 10 to 20 children depending on children’s needs
A typical day: 8 x 30 minute performances

International Schools
Around the World in Eighty Stories

The finest of folktales from North, South East and West!

Especially selected for International Schools, performances can be programmed for:

• Schools which use English is medium of learning across the curriculum
• Schools where English is taught as a second language as part of a bilingual programme
• Schools where English is taught as an additional language within a national curriculum
Ideal for: Promoting language learning; can be linked to workshops and staff training to boost comprehension, increase participation and build confidence in communication for all ages
Typical day can be either:
• Workshop programme: Assembly programme followed by workshops with 30 children
• Small scale performances: 4 x 1 hour performances for up to 100 students
• Large scale performances: 4 x 1 hour performances for up to 200 students

Workshops and Residencies
Cassandra can deliver workshops across the curriculum from nursery through to secondary schools and onto professional training for young people through IGSCE, BTEC and IB Diploma courses.
Her workshops range from storytelling to creative writing to devising solo and ensemble performances.
She specialises in enriching communication skills – with EAL children, children with speech and language disabilities; and enhancing non-verbal skills with children with profound and multiple disabilities.

For all workshop packages:
Group size: One class per workshop
Length: Workshops: 50 min taster sessions to 6 hour intensives; Residencies: From 6 to 24 hours
Typical day: Primary school: 40 minute performance followed by 4 x 50 minute workshops
Secondary school: 40 minute performance followed by 3 x 70 minute workshops
Processes used: Warm ups; movement, sound & voice improvisation; physical theatre techniques; storytelling skills training; visual art & map making; showing of work produced
Workshop requirements: Large room – school hall; drama or dance studio; Flipchart paper and pen; A4 paper and pens for participants
Handouts: can be produced for teacher and for distribution to students as required

Sample Workshop Packages:

Recreation Tales – for KS1, KS2 and special schools
Recreating the story heard in small groups to create an original ending to the story heard.
Ideal for: Collaborative working; building both story making and storytelling skills.

The Magic of Maths – for EYFS and KS1
Maths making and storytelling combined to create practical solutions to the dilemmas of the story heard.
Ideal for: Solo or collaborative work; extending maths exploration into story making.

Moving Into Writing – KS2
Learning how to create an original tale using movement based improvisation.
Ideal for: Introducing a kinaesthetic approach to writing; specialist workshops for inspiring struggling writers.

The Story Mosaic – KS2 & 3 (for residency programme only)
Guiding participants through the collaborative process of creating an original version of a story told.
Ideal for: Building collaborative working skills; learning how to create, write and perform your own work; understanding devising process; developing confidence to perform.


Reviews and Feedback

“Cassandra was great in the run-up to the visit with friendly emails and texts which made reorganising the day really easy. And on the day, she was absolutely brilliant. She was incredibly easy to work with and just got on with it. I had really good feedback from teachers about the performances. High levels of pupil enjoyment. The workshop I watched was lovely. My pupils are particularly challenging and particularly hard to engage. But Cassandra’s approach was brilliant. She engaged the pupils (even those who are typically harder to reach) and her way with them was delightful. All the children enjoyed the session. Her approach was particularly good for our pupils because they have few outside-of-school experiences and it’s often hard to enthuse them and find ways to get them imagining. She worked so hard during the day! I think she performed 8 stories in all. I’m moving schools in September and am already keen to secure Cassandra for next year’s World Book Day in my new school.”

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To Make a Booking

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