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ReCraft, ReMake, ReCycle…..it’s Create Time.
Buttonbag founders and craft authors Sarah Marks and Sara Duchars offer a variety of exciting crafty workshops for children that will fire up students enthusiasm for creating, making and crafting. The theme of their books and their workshops is ReCrafting – or how to turn old junk into new things.

In the Buttonbag workshops, children can turn old jumpers into cuddly monsters, t-shirts into kit bags, jam jar lids into medals, books into Christmas decorations, ties into purses and more.

Building on the reputation of their craft company Buttonbag, Sara and Sarah have written two books craft books, both published by Frances Lincoln.
ReCraft (2012) and BoyCraft (2013)
Sara and Sarah started Buttonbag 6 years ago, selling their home-produced craft kits at Greenwich Market in London. The company grew quickly and now they now design and make sewing, knitting and craft kits which are available in hundreds of shops across the country including John Lewis and lots of local independent toy and craft shops.

Their first book, ReCraft contains over 50 projects showing you how to transform second hand stuff into beautiful things for your friends, family and home.

Their second book BoyCraft focuses on empowering boys to make things, with 50 projects designed to appeal to their sometimes neglected creativity. It has loads of sewing, sticking, making and knitting projects that are suitable for all children – girls as well as boys – just no fairy wings, cupcakes or frilly bits that might discourage boys from seeing craft as something they can do.

Sara Duchars
Trained as a costume maker at the Royal Opera House before starting Buttonbag – one of her jobs was measuring the male dancers for tights and making tutus.

Sarah Marks
Was a journalist and worked on the financial pages of the Evening Standard writing about the ups and downs of business life before starting her own business.

Sara and Sarah have already done several workshops with children based on projects from both books – these included making monsters from old jumpers at a local primary school turning jam jar lids into medals and making purses out of old ties.

Both books and the workshops have focused on one of the major themes in their books and work – which is upcycling – or ReCrafting – turning old junk into new things. They know that this and recycling is something that schools are increasingly focused on.        

Olly Monkey Jumpers                                         Boy Band Scarves

They are based in London, and are happy to travel. With sewing-based workshops they really need to work with one class at a time – usually for at least 90 minutes.

Sarah and Sara are able to bring all the sewing equipment – special child-friendly needles and scissors – with them plus fabrics and will work with the schools on collecting suitable materials for reCrafting – i.e old t-shirts.

Their sewing workshops usually last an hour and a half and each one can be tailored to fit the students ages and subjects in the curriculum. They can do simple introduction to sewing workshops starting from year 3 up.

Learning to thread a needle and tie a knot is brilliant for fine motor skills and concentration and children will feel a huge sense of achievement once they managed this.
With the help of classroom assistants, they can take a class each, or one class together.

With both Sarah and Sara running classes they can offer four workshops in a day: 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon – depending on location.


ReCraft includes 50 projects to give old things a new lease of life. ReCraft is a way of recycling things you might otherwise throw away – or things other people have given away. ReCraft means asking, “What can I turn this into?” rather than, “What do I need to make this?” – it is colours / textures and materials that trigger the designs and your own creativity. Using your hands and imagination ReCraft transforms the most uninspiring objects such as holey jumpers, old shirts, dusty books, chipped cups, battered spoons, floral curtains, scratched records and broken games into soft toys, candles, secret boxes, precious jewels, cushions and bags. ReCraft is about allowing your second-hand finds inspire you; letting shape, colour and texture spark for a ‘ReCrafted’ transformation. Fifty projects for a range of items including items for the home, clothes and accessories for all ages plus patterns, templates and basic techniques. Illustrated with photographs and hand-painted illustrations, the emphasis is on simple, easy-to-make items with a twist.


One of their specialities is designing sewing projects that will appeal to all pupils – including Boys – hence their latest book, BoyCraft.
Boys like making stuff. Actually, boys love making stuff, and not just model boats, paper aeroplanes, bows and arrows and catapults  – although they love that too. Boys like knitting; scarves, hats, spiders and monsters. Boys like sewing – especially if they can use the sewing machine. They like cutting and sticking and gluing and sawing and hammering.  However, sometimes people – both boys and their parents – need to be reassured that it’s okay for boys to make things. BoyCraft does exactly that.

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Further information on Buttonbag is available from their website:http://www.buttonbag.co.uk/