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Anne Stairmand
Anne Stairmand

All About Anne Stairmand

Anne has had an extensive career as an education literacy consultant, director of humanities college, and been in charge of school improvement to raise standards.

Anne has done countless workshops and author visits, worked as an author in residence in Barking and Dagenham with London Libraries and schools; author in residence Waltham Forest with libraries to raise awareness of reading in libraries; trained and mentored tutors and organisations to improve literacy in FE and work; school improvement for National Literacy Trust; literacy activities at Latitude festival (5th Year).

Anne’s School’s Visits

Anne loves to use drama to inspire pupils of all age ranges to enjoy her books. She uses her books as a platform for drama, with all pupils wearing and using props to get into the spirit of the workshop. The pupils then show their drama to each other and share with a key stage or the school.

For KS2 once the drama from the books is completed and shared, the books are used as a platform to improve writing. Pupils work in very small groups with challenging and differentiated vocabulary sheets to create their own writing. This is shared with other class members and invariably shared with parents in a special assembly.
All the workshops are great fun and allow the pupils of all ages to be involved in the drama and writing.

You may wish Anne to work with specific academic groups to challenge and develop literacy skills, and these groups may include; Gifted and Talented, challenging pupils, SEN or, pupils who struggle to engage with writing. Anne will inspire and stimulate pupils to think and write creatively so they challenged and proud of their work. These processes and skills can be embedded back in the classroom and support a range of writing opportunities.

Anne can work with all primary aged pupils from reception to Year 6.


Anne’s Books

Desmond’s Dragon

Ages 3-5

Imagine finding a dragon outside your bedroom window one night, just like Desmond! Follow the adventures Desmond has with his dragon when he takes him to school.

Archie Dingletrotter’s Flying Caravan

Ages 4-6

Archie Dingletrotter is nearly seven years old and travels with his family from village to village in a caravan painted in wonderful colours. One day they arrive at a beautiful village and Archie loves it so much the family decide to stay, so that Archie can go to the local school. Find out what happens when he makes new friends and when he is invited to other children’s parties. Find out why Archie’s party is so special and magical. Enjoy the book!!

The Phantom Sock Snatcher

Ages 7-9

Who was pinching all the socks, leaving people with odd ones? Joe thought it was strange when his socks kept disappearing, and never thought about it Until one night…When his life changed and he was whisked away on an unbelievable adventure, with the Idgits and the Phantom Sock Snatcher. Where did they go? Why did they go? What did they do?

The Idiot Family at Home

Ages 9-11

Can you imagine having a mother who eats mountains of doughnuts, has a waist of seventy inches, owns shoes with black diamonds imported from mines in Africa and, who worships at the Church of Harvey Nichols? Meet Jimmelta Chew Van Der Bratt of German descent and, who is very tired of her golden table and chairs. Can you imagine having an Idiot of a father who buys up countries on a whim and, is so ridiculously rich? Can you imagine your children named after materials, being taught a firm lesson or two by their servants, the Inherited Australian Convicts? Find out about the trials and tribulations of this disgracefully spoilt family and the punishment bestowed on Jimmelta Chew Van Der Bratt … And be very grateful that you are not part of this tasteless, but amusing lot. This book has characters with names that will make you laugh, situations which are tragic, appalling, but funny, with the hope of redemption in sight. Meet the Idiot Family….At your peril!

The Idiot Family on Holiday

Ages 9-11

Jimmelta Chew van der Bratt is at it again, dragging her family into the silliest situations and creating chaos in the most unusual places. This time the family go on holiday! Nothing has changed! Find out about the ridiculously designed, handbag-shaped yacht stuck in the Thames. Read about the exploits with the family, and the children’s dastardly tutor, The Tank, all on the magical, Marmalade Island. Which is not so magical after all…


Petronella Pumpernickel-Pinkstocking-Berck and Big Wart

Petronella Pumpernickel-Pinkstocking-Berck is not your normal sort of girl. She lives in a house made of scrape metal and old bits of wood at the edge of the town with her family, Pa, her mother Ma Metronella, and her sister, Catronella.

Instead of enjoying ballet or dancing like other girls, she plays with tractors, builds them and loves pulling them to bits and loves getting messy. She even rides a tractor to school each day. But that’s not all.

Petronella has a list of all the boys in the lower forms in her school that she has to either kiss – or get their pocket money! And she is determined to get through that kissing list each year!

Find out what happens when the new boy Big Wart starts school and he ignores her! Find out about the spell cast on her and about all that grass…growing out of her mouth.


To Make A Booking

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