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Anna Perera
Anna Perera

All About Anna Perera

Anna Perera was born in London to an Irish mother and Sri Lankan father. She worked as an English teacher in secondary schools in London before becoming responsible for a unit for excluded boys. She gained an MA in Writing for Children at Winchester University and has since had six children’s books published, including the critically acclaimed Guantanamo Boy which was shortlisted for the Costa Children’s Book Award, Branford Boase and nominated for the Carnegie Medal. The book has been translated into more than a dozen languages and adapted into a play.

The Glass Collector is her second young adult novel and set in Cairo in 2009 at the time Obama made his first presidential speech in the Middle East. It tells the story of a Zabbaleen teenage boy, a Coptic Christian, who struggles to survive amongst the city’s waste.

Take a Look at the Guardian Article in the children’s book review

Anna’s School Visits

Author Talk: One hour, including time for readings, questions and book signing. Promoting diversity and freedom of expression for all abilities, Anna will take you on a journey like no other when she talks about why she was compelled to write Guantanamo Boy, the story of 15 year old, Khalid, a British Asian, abducted in Pakistan while on holiday with his family and sent to Guantanamo. Determined to raise awareness about the abuses committed in the name of justice, Anna celebrates the power of peace, kindness, love and healing.
The Glass Collector. Set in Cairo, it was published February 2011 two weeks after The Arab Spring. It tells the story of fifteen year old, Aaron, who lives and works amid the garbage piles of this magical city. His job is to collect broken glass. His dream is to find something to believe in.

This presentation doesn’t require equipment and is suitable for whole school assembly or larger groups.

Talks With Themes

40-45 minutes. Pen and paper are needed.

These topics are designed to cater for all secondary ages and can be adapted to suit. They work best with groups of 20-30 with time for discussion, questions and book signing.

* Anna will explain how she became a writer. The way she works. What she throws out and why. Where ideas come from. What writers inspire her and the methods used to get stories down.

* A historical perspective of Guantanamo with timeline and legal implications plus current update with readings from the book.

* The publishing industry. The rise of ebooks plus the advantages and disadvantages of self publishing and how things are changing.

* Politics in children’s literature with examples of how propaganda has been used to influence young people.

Creative Writing Workshops
One hour. Pen and paper are needed. For class sized groups of all abilities.  Allowing time for writing and discussion as well as Q&A and book signing.

* These workshops provide fun and interesting ways to inspire young people to improve their work while learning simple skills. By the end of the session they will have acquired simple ways of sharpening their stories and obtained experience of drafting a plot with clearly defined sequences.

How to Write a Picture Book

Paper, coloured pencils and rulers are needed.

* Many young people prefer to express themselves through visual means and in this workshop we will design and map out a story using as few words as possible while learning ways of captivating the reader.

How to Write a Screenplay (1 – 2 hrs)
This workshop can be adapted for all ages and abilities.
A hugely enjoyable Hollywood style, potted adventure in screenwriting – creating a one page script with title, memorable characters and short scenes focusing on concept, genre, craft and industry terms using screenplay format while examining the reality of the movie game for the writer. Students will learn important skills and ways of thinking to create unique stories, memorable characters and dramatic plots that can be used in all forms of writing.

Recommendations & Reviews

Guantanamo Boy

“This powerful and humane book shows that hatred is never an answer, and proves the pointlessness of torture and the danger of thinking of anyone as ‘other’ ” Sunday Times. Children’s Book of the Week

‘An excellent novel . . .  superb’ The Times

‘Enormously powerful and the descriptions of torture are genuinely harrowing’ The Guardian

The Glass Collector.

‘An exquisite rendering of a little known world’ The New York Times

‘This novel will definitely interest teenage readers who are eager to know more about the wider world, particularly if their curiosity has been piqued by recent events’ The Guardian

To Make a Booking

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