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Anna Mckann
Anna Mckann

All About Anna Mckann

Anna was born in Yorkshire and apart from a few years in London has lived in Yorkshire most of her life. That said, this last few years she has spent periods of time at her home in rural Spain where she loves to write. She continues to work in the childcare sector, and has done for over twenty-five years.

She has recently collaborated with a television and radio station – Marbella Rtv – and the Kids on the Costa magazine, and has launched an annual writing competition in Andalusia, for kids aged 9-13 years.

Upon discovering – by chance research – the plight of the Latin American street children. It was by keeping a journal of her first and many subsequent trips to Mexico City, that she became inspired to start writing. She continues to write and has various books at different stages of development. What initially was the inspiration for a novel, soon became the Chavos Brand.

Chavos the Kids of Distrito Federal, her first novel is now being adapted for stage and Chavos The Musical is expected to go on tour late in 2018/early 2019.

Anna has also launched a series of picture books for younger children and has recently displayed her work at the London International Book Fair.

The author profits from her Chavos novels go to her charity R.C.C. International, to aid street children all over the world.

Anna’s School Visits

The sessions are adaptable and flexible. The time spent on each section will depend on the children’s abilities and the schools objectives but at the end of the day anna expects that;-

  • The children will have learnt something new!
  • They are inspired and encouraged.
  • They know how the seed of an idea can be developed.
  • The children are proud of their work and feel they can showcase it at school.
  • Of course, they had a fun day!




An introductory session

The first session Anna would use to welcome the students. Get to know them and introduce herself, whilst giving some background about her own life, and how she began writing.
She will give a PowerPoint presentation showing how she was inspired to write her first novel which was based on her humanitarian visits to Mexico City.
This first session is about motivating and inspiring the students and is a very interactive session getting them to think creatively, and begin brain-storming.


Session 2

Anna will work through her own creative writing worksheets discussing the different areas they need to think about when planning their stories, these include: genre, setting, audience, characters and plot. Why When How Where What etc.

This session again is fun, very interactive and involves brainstorming, sharing ideas, taking notes and general class discussion.
Leading up to lunchtime  – depending on the class and how things are going – Anna will start to focus on character development. Each student will begin to develop their own character, the main protagonist, ready for their stories.

Anna often brings objects as story prompts or will use a lead paragraph as she has done with her writing competitions.

The children are encouraged to develop their own imagination and creativity and may work alone or in pairs depending on the needs of the group.


Session 3

With Anna’s help the children will start their story development using the worksheets provided and will begin to write.

All sessions are adaptable and flexible. The time spent on each section will depend on the children. Anna will provide fun creative writing word searches, crosswords or other activities, if she feels the children are tiring and need a break or some chill time.

Session 4 ( If the school would like this incorporating into the day)

A final session Anna could use this time to edit, look at presentation of the piece of creative writing, design of front cover etc.

She will also talk about the publishing process from concept to marketing and sales.

She will discuss the criteria used to mark her own competition to give the children an idea of what the judges look for.


Anna believes it is important to encourage the children to continue with their writing after she has left and will leave information with the teacher telling the students how to enter the Sharon House Publishing children’s writing UK competition.

Anna will adapt her sessions respectively but will work with early years up to and including year 7.


A cup of tea occasionally! PowerPoint facilities, photocopying facilities and childrens own notebooks. Dependent on activities – if they were to be working on a piece of drama, she would need the use of the hall as opposed to the classroom space.

Anna’s Books

‘Chavos the Kids of Distrito Federal’ and ‘Chavos the Quest

Chavos tells a story of pain, suffering and trauma, but also friendship, triumph and dreams. It is well researched, depicting Mexican life and culture; its emotional content will pull on the heart strings.

Chavos is a delightful way of introducing moral and global issues, to many kids who have the privilege of leading more sheltered lives.

The books enable kids who want for nothing and have never heard of the Street Kid phenomenon, to come to terms with some of the realities in our world today. Addressing very real situations, some heart-breaking issues, the Chavos books are captivating and entertaining. They also introduce the colourful Spanish language.

The books include many aspects of the National Curriculum, they offer teachers the opportunity to discuss topics as they arise, whilst also encouraging reading and literacy skills.
Person, Social and Health Education (PSHE) covers a wide range of subjects, all of which the Chavos range covers in an entertaining way.
• Citizenship
• Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
• Emotional Health and Wellbeing
• Nutrition and Physical Activity
• Personal Finance
• Safety
• Sex and Relationship Education

The Chavos Diaries

Follow the lives of Dolita The Street Kid and colourful characters in the series who cross her path.


Pablo’s Diary

pablo's diary 

Pablo has hopes of becoming a great graffiti artist. More educated than most of the street kids, but not knowing the whereabouts of his parents, he lived with his uncle from the age of three. Life eventually became too much for him and the freedom of life on the streets and no more beatings from his alcoholic uncle was more appealing, so he ran away.

The entries that he makes in this diary, give the reader an insight into his life in the crazy world of survival.

Part of the Chavos series fiction based on fact.


Marisol’s Agenda

It’s a new term at the fine ladies college and Marisol hates it!
The contrast between her busy, vibrant life in Mexico City and what she sees as her boring new one, leads to her rebellious behaviour.
Born to a rich, affluent, family, at the age of eleven she was kidnapped. Returned safely for a high ransom, her parents sent her to the safety of the Yorkshire countryside where she lodged with Cousin Candy – a teacher at the college.
‘I can’t stand it! Papi says I have to stay, but we’ll see about THAT! I want to go back to Mexico and will do whatever it takes.’

Part of the Chavos series fiction based on fact.


Rianbo’s Travels


Rianbo is a magical character who begins her life in the children’s nursery school. Join her in this series of picture books for young children as she sets off on her adventures around the world.

Beautifully illustrated these books promote learning and discussion about other cultures, languages and customs in a humorous and entertaining way.

There is a doll to accompany this series and other associated products and merchandise are expected to be released.

Grandpa’s Tales

A series of educational and fun picture books, promoting positive values. Centred around animals all young children will love these stories.


Feedback from previous visits

 ‘Fantastic ideas on writing.’ The Greenway Academy.

‘ Anna engaged well with the children. Her experiences were a real benefit to the children and their writing.’ Kingswood Parks Primary.

‘Anna encouraged the children to use their own experiences, thoughts and inspirations to start their stories. Sometimes imagination can be a block to getting started.’ Norbridge Academy.

‘ Anna’s presentation was very engaging and she held the children’s attention well. No one was made to feel pressured and only involved themselves as they felt comfortable. They were all inspired and enthused.’ Prospect Hill Junior School.

‘The knowledge of real life situations in her books was inspiring for the children.’ Holy Family Catholic Primary School.

‘Full marks for presentation, rapport with students. Entertaining and educational. Children were all interested in the tasks they were given to create their stories. I would recommend Anna to other schools.’ St Augustine’s. 

To Make a Booking

To make an enquiry about Anna, or any of the other authors, poets & illustrators listed on this website, please phone Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at

You can follow Anna on her twitter account or via or her Chavos website