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Anna Fitzpatrick
Anna Fitzpatrick
Colourful and expressive, Anna's work captures the imagination. Anna uses both digital and traditional media, such as pen, ink, watercolours and paint.

All About Anna Fitzpatrick

Anna is a Manga artist and illustrator working in Cambridge, UK. She has been working for 8 years making and printing comics and has been giving workshops for years at schools and events such as the Eirtakon Convention and the V&A museum, London. Anna currently works with small press circle IndieManga creating and publishing books alongside her team mates. She has produced many books with IndieManga, some of which she will bring along to her sessions to show what is possible when creativity runs free!

Colourful and expressive, Anna’s work captures the imagination with stories of tea and ghosts, knights and witches, monsters and crazy new worlds. Using both digital and traditional media, such as pen, ink, watercolours and paint, Anna is highly skilled in creating her magical worlds. Anna is currently working on her webcomic, “Between Worlds” along with many side projects and mini comics.

Anna Fitzpatrick’s School Visits

The focus of Anna’s workshops is on using traditional artistic techniques and fusing them with the cartooning styles of manga to create all sorts of fantastic manga characters. She shows how to use realistic study of anatomy drawing to use when cartooning to create high quality work, making sure to invite young people into the world of traditional drawing study while working in a manga style.

“Manga and traditional art techniques and study are not so far apart. The techniques used for centuries in the study of human anatomy is also present in all forms of good quality cartooning, I aim to show how these techniques are used to create expressive, yet simple manga characters”.

Most important in Anna’s workshops is showing simple techniques the class will all remember and pass on to their friends, making creativity far more accessible.

Anna usually performs up to three 1 hour sessions a day, with groups ranging from year 6 to year 11 showing the basics on how to construct a manga character and creating fun filled comic pages. Her sessions are open to discussion while on the go with the class, encouraging open questions and interactivity.

Single hour sessions result in every student taking away their own drawings of their characters. Full day sessions (three 1 hour classes for one group) will result in taking away both their character designs and their own comic page.

The equipment needed for a workshop is an A1 flipchart, plenty of paper, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and one coloured pencil for each student.

Reviews & Recommendations

‘Just to let you know the year 7 pupils from Hadleigh High School really enjoyed the visit on Tue. 21st May from manga illustrator Anna Fitzpatrick. They thought “it was the best lesson ever” and “can she visit again next week”. Thank you for arranging the visit.’ Becky Watson, Hadleigh High School Librarian

“Thank you for visiting Perins last week and for holding the manga workshops. I’ve had lots of positive feedback from the students who attended. They really enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about manga in the process. Your books are already out on loan so when I get my new budget in April I will be ordering some more!”– Librarian, Perins

“Our panels this year included a unique manga workshop by published artist Anna Fitzpatrick, who recently released her latest book Between Worlds. Anna packed out our panels room and kept attendees glued to her screen as she demonstrated some of the tricks of the trade!”– Eirtakon commitee

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