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All About Adisa

Adisa was born with a silver tongue and a head full or rhymes. His mango-flavoured metaphors and his larva-fuelled performances are legendary on the performance poetry circuit. In 2003, Adisa landed first place in the national competition, New Performance Poet of the Year. Benjamin Zephaniah, one of the judges at the event, said: “Adisa is the future. It’s so good to have something to look forward to.” That same year, he was honoured as the Hackney Poet Laureate.

Adisa is on a mission to take poetry to the people wherever he finds them; he has taken his word from continent to continent. He delivers his work in a format known as Edutainment.

He believes a good performance should be able to entertain the audience while challenging them at the same time to look again and question what it is they hold to be true.

There is a a great demand for Adisa’s work within the walls of education. He frequently visits schools throughout Europe to deliver performances which have been described as a giant pizza with toppings of African wisdom, observational comedy, life skills, and concert-like call and response routines.

Adisa has delivered his work in many arenas, from pub basements (where they still use sawdust on the floor) to Buckingham Palace, and from primary schools to senior citizen day centres.

He constantly strives to redefine the genre of performance poetry, elevate it to its rightful place on the world stage.

Adisa’s School Visits

During a visit by Adisa, students are taken on a journey of reflection wrapped tightly in a blanket of humour that disposes of stereotypes right before their eyes.

Adisa’s school visits have been described as observational comedy, life skills, and concert-like call and response routines.

His workshops are thought-provoking and the classroom becomes a cosy theatre in which every student is the leading actor, and the director is the voice within.

Adisa’s visits can be adapted for all age groups and key stages. Please contact us to discuss further details for a possible visit to your school.

Samples of Adisa’s Poetry

My Instrument My Pen

My Instrument my pen
A steel quill tied to a hunters spear
Black blood squirts,
Through bamboo veins
Leaving tattoos on the Papyrus
Of your soul

My instrument my pen
Ebony drumsticks
Afro-beat blues
Redemption song
On Racism’s taught goatskin

My instrument my pen
Scribbing maat Laws
But they ain’t new
They surfaced before
Like African Moors
Guided by Yemanja
Arriving on European shores

My instrument my pen
Daubing murals of inspiration
Of red black and green landscapes
Refocusing your image of a nation
(Your imagination)
Shattering window pains
Of Mental procrastination

My instrument my pen
Engraving future footprints
On our children’s beach
Dousing flames of fear
Ignorance, and deceit;
Dunking metaphors of love
Into plain paper baskets
Like wings were attached to our feet

My instrument my pen
Rapping griot tales
Round full moon fires
Re-Kindling the ancestors
Unifying our voices
In celebration choirs

I am the Gatekeeper

I am the aboriginal painting
That once spoke of divination
And the journey of a boy becoming a man
The same painting
gathering dust on a glass shelve
untouched by a human hand

I am the gatekeeper
On these chess board streets
The pawn that became the king
Surveying the ocean
From the door of no return
I sing in the key of win

I am the voice of trees
Whose limbs have embraced
dying men who shared the same hue
I am the scent of sugar and rum
Crammed into branded barrels
the misery of many brings joy to a few

I am the buffalo soldier
Who defended mother earth
When the children tried to
cut out their parents tongue

I am the great wall of Zimbabwe
My spine a house of stone
Needing no media cement
I stand before my final curtain alone


Lip Hopping With The Fundi-Fu

A collection of poems by Adisa, published by Caboodle in 2010 aimed for those 11+

“Lip Hopping with the Fundi-Fu was a bit of a threat even though he’s boxing with the alphabet.” John Hegley

To purchase Adisa’s book, click here.

Recommendations & Reviews

Click Here to read an incredible letter of feedback that Adisa received after visiting a school in Summer 2010!

“Adisa is the future. It’s so good to have something to look forward to.”
– Benjamin Zephaniah

“Adisa’s work with students at Daniel House enabled them to create poetry of an exceptional standard he enthused and inspired the participants to such a degree that many of them now describe themselves as poets!”
– Rebecca Branch, Programme Manager, Creative Partnerships, London East

“Adisa has an amazing ability to draw out fine poetic words from even the most reluctant of students. He inspires without overwhelming and continues to win over teachers and students to the power of poetry. He is capable of delivering a workshop to just about anyone.”
– Sharon Duggal, Centerprise Literature Development Project

“The highlight of Book Week for me, was the residency for the week of the performance poet, Adisa. His assemblies, the sessions and the lessons that he runs are great.”
– Kenneth Durham, Headmaster, University College School”

“Adisa’s gift to the world is ‘the word.’ His art of ‘verbalizing’ opens new doors, make connections and creates magic.”
– Richard Mallett, Education and Community Producer London Philharmonic Orchestra

If you would like us to put you in touch with any of the schools Adisa has visited, please don’t hesitate to ring us for contact details.

To Make a Booking

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