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ABLE Writers

This programme was set up over twelve years ago by the brilliant poet Brian Moses. We have been running these events for over three years and the programme is going from strength to strength. We have host schools as far north as Aberdeen and as far south as the Isle of Wight and most areas covered between the two.

Able Writers’ Days are held at a host school and local schools are invited to include some of their more able writers in the workshop. These events are usually held once per term with a different author running each workshop. We have over 80 authors involved in this programme and we always receive brilliant feedback from the children and adults involved.

Ofsted inspectors have highly praised this programme on many occasions as it not only gives the children the opportunity to work with a current writer, challenges the more able children, approaching literature from a different angle but it also helps to further build links between schools in the local community. The day also serves as an excellent professional development day for the accompanying member of staff of observation day for a school governor.