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 An Able Writers’, Maths or Science day is one of the most stimulating events your students can experience. 

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Able Writers'
We can provide an experienced children's author, creative writer or poet to hold a fantastic Able Writers' Day.

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Able Maths
We have a team of brilliant maths tutors running these events which are a great success and very popular with schools and young mathematicians.

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Able Science
We have a team of brilliant science tutors running these events which are sure to enthuse budding scientists.




The Able Programme
The Able Writers’ programme was set up in 2002 by Brian Moses, one of Britain’s favourite children’s poets. In 2011, Authors Abroad started to manage the Able programme and it rapidly expanded.

We now have over 150 host schools, where the event is held, and over 1000 visiting schools. Students attending from schools can take part in an Able Writers' Day where children work with professional poets, authors, script writers, journalists, storytellers etc.  Equally popular are our Able Maths and Able Science days where the best, experienced consultants share their knowledge and provide a fantastic day of activities.

What Are The Advantages For Students and Schools?
There are several advantages to be gained from our Able programme:

1. Students who are considered to be working at a greater depth, gifted and talented etc. can attend a tailored event designed to stimulate and challenge all attendees.

2. Teachers and TAs sit in on the sessions which are considered to be a positive CPD (Continuing Professional Development) activity.

3. Ofsted are always interested to hear about your involvement with the scheme!

4. Groups of children inspire and challenge each other and children enjoy meeting their peers from other schools.

5. Students and teachers are encouraged to go back to their own schools and 'cascade' what they have achieved so that ideas are spread far beyond the Able group.



Each day offers an inspiring challenge for every individual.


About an Able Day
An Able Day will be held at one of our many host schools.  Schools in the local area will receive an email invitation to the event with information on times, cost, booking etc. Once a booking is confirmed, the attending school will receive an event reminder one week before with details of any special requirements the host school has. 

The attending school is required to organise their own travel, staffing and (unless otherwise specified) bring a packed lunch for each student. 

Many of our Able Authors will have a selection of their books for sale at the event. Details of cost and how to purchase are provided as part of the booking process.

All that remains is for the day to take place!

Find an event
To find out if there is an event already happening in your area please contact Trish

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