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New video about Cat Weatherill’s book Breathe

16th April 2018

We are very excited that Cat Weatherill has a new book coming out!


When you can’t control your emotions and your birthday is coming up, you need great friends…

Toby is an adorable four year old dragon who has a problem with fire. He simply cannot keep calm – until he discovers yoga! BREATHE is a heartwarming story about happiness, harmony, friendship and birthday cake.

Cat was performing for the British Council Ukraine at a book festival in Kyiv when she met Liliya Pochkun, the creative force behind Wise Bee Books. Over coffee and cake in a fabulous Kyiv coffee shop, they talked about doing a book together, and Cat told her a story idea she had in her head about an over-excitable dragon. And that was it! Their book journey together began right then.

Now the book is available. It is a beautifully produced large softcover picture book (27cm x 27cm) with gorgeous full-colour illustrations by Olga Kuznetsova. Available from Amazon

Check out the video about Cat’s upcoming book ‘Breathe’.


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Poetry Competition for Children judged by Chrissie Gittins

22nd March 2018

One of our poets, Chrissie Gittins, has been interviewed by The Irish Times, to promote the latest entries for a children’s poetry competition.

The Caterpillar Poetry Prize is searching for the best poem for children. It is offering a prize of 1000 euros and closes at 31st March 2018. It is open for those age 16 plus.

The interview can be found here:


Inline images 1

Have a read of the interview and why not have a go at writing a poem?

John Row Romanian storytelling project and featured on TV

21st February 2018


Our veteran storyteller John Row is engaged in a project supported by the Society For Storytelling collecting folk stories from an area of Transylvania which he has close links with. Digi24, a Romanian news and documentary channel broadcast a report on John and his project. To watch the report visit 13:28   The piece is about 12 minutes into the programme.


If you would like to arrange for John to visit your school – whether in the UK or abroad, please get in touch with Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at

Karen Rubins launches new educational game

20th February 2018

One of our illustrators, Karen Rubins has developed a brilliant educational and super fun storytelling card game, called Comic Turns. Comic Turns is a game for kids and adults aged 7+, it has no written language anywhere except in the (optional) rules, and is great for learning about  story structure and how comics work as well as inspiring creative writing.

Comic Turns is a card game created by Karen Rubins, now campaigning on Kickstarter from Wednesday 7th February – Tuesday 13th March

About the game:

Comic Turns is a comics storytelling game system – a deck of cards where each has a comic panel all carefully designed so that they can be arranged in any order to make countless new comic strips and infinite stories.

Comic Turns is suitable for all ages from 7 upwards. It contains no words, meaning it can be played anywhere with speakers of any language, as well as being accessible for children and adults with low literacy or difficulty reading. There is great potential for Comic Turns to be used as an educational aid not just for making comics and creative writing, but for literacy, language learning and discussion.

Comic Turns is an extremely versatile and fun game, with four different ways to play included in the deck: A warm-up activity to get the creative juices flowing, two collaborative games, and a competitive game. Each are suitable for ages 7+ and for 1-6 players. But this is not the end … There are many different ways to play, perhaps infinite ways.  Players will be encouraged to submit their own ideas for games to the Comic Turns website, and more “official” rules will be added too, so that Comic Turns is constantly evolving.

About the creator:

Karen Rubins is a comics artist from London, UK. She is known for her work on The Phoenix, as well as numerous indie titles, Urban Beasts, Blood Magic, The Tale of Tony Cinderello to name a few.

In 2009, she was the V&A’s Comics Art Resident, spending six months in this world-class museum making artwork, teaching workshops and holding open studio events. This was when the idea for Comic Turns was first conceived, as a deck of comic strip playing cards called Hand of Fate…

Karen has been teaching comics for adults, kids and teens for the past ten years, working with schools, libraries and museums across the UK and  abroad. Students and educators alike loved Hand of Fate and found it great for learning and teaching. Comics pros who support Comic Turns include Karrie Fransman, Leah Moore and David Lloyd.


Kickstarter Campaign:

Comic Turns Official Website:

Karen’s Official Website and Blog:

Twitter: @kazmantra




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Stuart Reid a huge hit in Hong Kong

8th February 2018

Our authors love trips abroad and international schools love hosting them.

See below our latest feedback from Hong Kong who are having a wonderful time with Stuart Reid.

“We are well into Book Week and enjoying the intense focus on literacy. I had the pleasure of hearing visiting international author Stuart Reid present to Year 3 and 6 today. He really drove home the message (with snot zombies, smelly teachers and other hilarious characters) that reading should be great fun and alliteration is a wonderful strategy to add quality to a story. He had the children laughing, shocked, cheering and yelling all within a few minutes. This was especially the case when he got Mr Fay and Mr Wishart up on the stage to play Smelly and Jelly Elephants!

The session once again reminded me of the power of the written word to invoke feelings, emotions, responses and to create what Stuart called “TV shows in your head”. I invite you to spend some extra special time enjoying books with your children this week, join us at KJS in our Book Week and reinforce to your children the joy, wonder, power and importance of reading.”



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Stuart Reid school visit information

Anna McKann Awards Prizes at the Inspiring Costa Kids Writing Competition 2017

One of our authors, Anna McKann has once again just finished judging and presenting the prizes for the 2017 Inspiring Costa Kids Writing Competition.

This annual Spanish writing competition if for children aged between 9-13 years old.

Pictured above: Anna with the five finalists and the presenter Emma De Acedo at Marbella Rtv.


Anna is already looking forward to the 2018 competition which she is once again facilitating and organising.


Well done to Anna for her fabulous role in this wonderful competition, and congratulations to all the finalists!


Anna McKann’s school visits


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New Kathryn White Video

19th January 2018

Kathryn White has created a video for students who are working up excitement about her upcoming visit!

Check out the video below, and if you want your school to get in on the action get in touch to organise for Kathryn to visit your school!



To discuss arranging for Kathryn to visit your school please contact Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at

Chris Bradford releases his first ever phonics book

18th January 2018

Popular author of ‘Young Samurai’ and ‘The Bodyguard’ Chris Bradford has expanded his range of books and used his writing talents to engage an even wider audience.


Chris Bradford has teamed up with Korky Paul for his first phonics book.

A jungle adventure for younger readers!

“Join Jake and Jen on an exciting adventure through a dense tropical jungle filled with fierce animals and many obstacles – or at least that’s where they think they are…”

This exciting story is written by award-winning author Chris Bradford and illustrated by award-winning illustrator Korky Paul.

Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds features exciting fiction and non-fiction decodable readers to enthuse and inspire children. They are fully aligned to Letters and Sounds Phases 1–6. The Handbooks provide support in demonstration and modelling, monitoring comprehension and expanding vocabulary. Reading notes within the book provide practical support for children, including a list of all the sounds and words that the book will cover.



If you would like for either Chris or Korky to visit your school please visit their author pages for more information, and get in contact with Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at


Justin Coe’s new show ‘Young Herbert’s Horrors’ opens 19th January

11th January 2018

Congratulations to our poet Justin Coe and good luck to him for the weekend 19th January when his show ‘Young Herbert’s Horrors’ runs at the Half Moon Young People’s Theatre.


The show is for 4-9 year olds.

“Young Herbert is a little horror. Living on a boat should be the ideal life for a wannabe pirate, but the boat’s grounded until Herbert can learn to tidy his cabin, eat his greens and be more polite. A big storm brews up when Herbert is sent home from school and Mum calls on Great Uncle Albatross – navy captain and scourge of all pirates – to warn him of the dangers of rebellion.

But who is Great Uncle Albatross and do his cautionary tales really have the power to make Young Herbert behave? Or will they just give Young Herbert the horrors?

Featuring swashbuckling verse, jaunty music, gallows humour and the obligatory parrot, Young Herbert’s Horrors is Justin Coe’s brand new spoken word show for children, following the highly popular Big Wow, Small Wonder.”

If you would like to book tickets please visit:


Justin Coe


If you would like to arrange for Justin to be in your school please get in touch with Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at

Congratulations to Jennifer Killick on a new book release

9th January 2018

Congratulations to our author Jennifer Killick for the upcoming release of the latest instalment in the Alex Sparrow series.

Jennifer’s book, ‘Alex Sparrow and the Furry Fury’, the sequel to ‘Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink’, is due to be published on 1st May by Firefly Press. It picks up where the former book left off, with Alex bored and hoping for an exciting new mission.

Both we at Authors Abroad and Jennifer are delighted that ‘Furry Fury’ has been selected for The Reading Agency’s ‘Summer Reading Challenge’, taking place throughout the summer of 2018 in libraries across the country. The theme is ‘Mischief Makers’, which suits Alex and Jess perfectly…

“Catching the school’s runaway guinea pigs is not really giving Alex job satisfaction, but how can he find a bigger test for his and Jess’s awkward superpowers? Jess is more worried about the bullied new boy, whose Mum runs the local animal sanctuary. To befriend him she gets a voluntary job there, but she soon realises that something is very wrong; the animals are terrified. People start reporting strange events: things missing, property destroyed, and the local squirrels have turned mean. The police have no suspects. It looks more and more like a job for Agent Alex… ”


Want to have Jennifer visit your school to deliver her amazing workshops and talk about her books – get in touch with Trevor Wilson on +44 (0) 1535 656015, or email him at

Details of Jennifer’s workshops can be found on her author page of our website:

A recent student voiced how having a visit from Jennifer at his school was ‘even more fun than being at home with his dog’ – can there be any higher praise?