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Chris Bradford
Chris Bradford
“Chris is one of the hottest stars on the book circuit."
- Mostly Books, Abingdon

"One of the most unparalleled book events of the year!"
John Lloyd, Waterstones

About Chris Bradford
Author of Young Samurai, Ninja and BODYGUARD series.
Martial Artist, Literacy Champion and Method Writer.
Life goal: Getting kids reading!

All About Chris Bradford


Author of Young Samurai, Ninja and BODYGUARD series.

Martial Artist, Literacy Champion and Method Writer.

Life goal: Getting kids reading!


“The author who reaches the readers other authors can’t!” Annie Dorrington, librarian, Park Community School

“Truly inspirational! His performances are exciting and informative and his books are genuinely excellent.” Alene Morley, Teacher- Lirbrain, King Faisal School, Riyadh

Chris Bradford is the Top Ten bestselling author of the BODYGUARD and Young Samurai series. He is also the author of several dyslexic and reluctant reader series for Barrington Stoke: Ninja, Bulletcatcher and Gamer.

He has been published in more than 20 languages and been nominated for over 30 book awards, including winner of the Northern Ireland Book Awards, the Hampshire Book Award and the Brilliant Book Award.

A true believer in “practising what you preach”, Chris trained in samurai swordsmanship, ninjutsu and earned his black belt in taijustu for his award-winning Young Samurai series.

For his new BODYGUARD series, Chris embarked on an intensive close protection course to become a qualified professional bodyguard.

Chris Bradford is renowned for his unique and dynamic performances that combine interactive readings, audio-visual material and martial arts displays designed to encourage even the most reluctant readers to read!

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Chris’ School Visits

No ordinary author talk…

Chris offers two different shows: BODYGUARD and SAMURAI


An explosive event linked to his BODYGUARD series…


  • Join Chris on his mission to become a qualified bodyguard
  • Participate in an interactive reading to protect the President’s daughter
  • Be introduced to Cooper’s Colour Code and stay alert to dangers
  • Learn anti-surveillance skills and how to spot if you’re being followed
  • Discover how to protect a VIP in a crowd
  • Train to be a bodyguard – learn their secret defence techniques!

Suitable for boys and girls Y6 and above (10+)


In this highly popular show linked to the Young Samurai and NINJA series…


  • Discover the skills required to become a samurai warrior
  • Witness an authentic samurai sword display
  • Be spellbound by a dynamic all-kicking, all-punching book reading
  • Learn about the etiquettes of Japanese culture
  • Watch real young samurai in action
  • Be amazed by the martial arts techniques of blind fighting & the Death Touch
  • Test your ninja skills!

Suitable for boys and girls Y4 to Y7 (8-11)


Chris’ Books

BG4 TARGET final webBodyguardHostageCvrNEW webYS1webcoverNINJA2 cover webBulletcatcher Blowback-webGAMER Cover2015 web


‘Bradford has combined Jack Bauer, James Bond, and Alex Rider to bring us the action packed thriller’ – Goodreads

Young Samurai:

‘An adventure novel to rank among the genre’s best. This book earns the literary equivalent of a black belt’ – USA Publishers Weekly, starred review




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Chris Bradford’s Audio Clips:

Key Awards

  • Brilliant Book Award 2014 (winner)
  • The Hampshire Book Award 2014 (winner)
  • Carnegie Medal 2009 and 2014 (nominated twice)
  • Independent Booksellers Award 2011 & 2012 (shortlist)
  • Northern Ireland Book Award 2011 (winner)
  • Red House Book Awards 2009 (shortlist)
  • Book of the Year Fighting Spirit 2008 (winner)


Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior was deemed one of Puffin’s 70 Best Ever Books, alongside Treasure Island and Robin Hood.

Reviews and Recommendations

“Chris did the most fantastic performance yesterday. It all went really smoothly. Our students are  totally inspired to read his books. I don’t think we have ever had an author event which has generated so much enthusiasm.” Sue Moody, The Mountbatten School

“I just wanted to say “thank you” for everything with our author visit this week. Chris (I’m sure you don’t need to be told!) was fantastic and had the kids, from Year 7 to 9, in the palm of his hand. The Year 9s are particularly hard to please, but they thought he was “awesome”. Chris was so professional, organised (he’d thought of everything) and nice. As his agents, you have been really easy to deal with. Some organisations and authors have so many conditions etc, forgetting who is the customer.” Lisa Hirst – St Edward’s School

“Chris Bradford visited our school last week and played to a manically excited audience of 280 Year 7 students. He was absolutely brilliant, so exciting and dynamic. The students were enthralled and are still talking about it. All his books are out on loan from our library, the list of students waiting for his books is still growing. Great. Thanks for organising him for us.” Sue Moody, Librarian, Mountbatten School

“Just to let you know that we thought Chris was brilliant and the pupils had a fantastic time! We had e-mails from parents and the boarding house parents who said that their children arrived home full of enthusiasm and chatter about their afternoon. This morning they were all reading their books at Registration. It was very definitely a success and we would welcome back Chris in future. Many thanks.”Sara Swann – Bloxham School

“A big thank you again to Chris. I attended an author visit by him and although my students were sat at the back,they thoroughly enjoyed listening to and watching him. Chris’s books, I’m sure, will continue to capture the imaginations of many children for years to come.” Sarah Watkins, Year 5/6 teacher, Pangbourne Primary School, Reading, UK

“It was lovely to meet you and you were amazing to watch……..your ‘reading with action’ especially! We now have some wonderful insights that we can use to encourage our current and future pupils to read
the books and that’s always such a pleasurable thing to be able to do!”
Pat Clements, Learning Centre Manager, Saffron Walden County High School

“Very good! Informative about all things Samurai and a completely new experience for me.” –  Charles, Year 8 student, Saffron Walden County High School

“Really fun to get an insight into the world of Samurai and much more entertaining than other authors!”Dotty, Year 8 student, Saffron Walden County High School

“Thanks again for an amazing event. Kids are still buzzing and many of the staff were very impressed both with the content of your presentation and your ability to communicate your obvious passion for the subject. I think “respect” is going to be a mantra around here for a while.”Sir William Borlase Grammar (Secondary) School in Marlow (Year 7 and 8), Lee Mumbray-Williams, Head Librarian

“Having read the book over the Summer I feel it is ideal as a class reader for our Year 7 students. As there is an increased focus on texts from other cultures and traditions in the GCSE examinations, we attempt to prepare our students for this by including such texts throughout KS3 as well. There are very many aspects explored in Young Samurai which lend themselves to discussion, enabling us to develop specific Speaking and Listening tasks for formal assessment, as well as numerous opportunities for analysis and as a springboard for creative writing. A really useful teachers’ guide.” J. Clarkson, United Church Schools Trust

“Thank you so much for coming in – the children absolutely loved it. They are all enjoying the book – each afternoon following lunch there are lots of Young Samurai covers staring back at me and the children are completely into the book! We’d love to see you again, for your next book.” – Holy Trinity Primary School in Guildford (Year 5 and 6), Rebecca Anderson, Head of Year 6

“The feedback from the event has been very powerful and we are especially pleased at the number of parents who report their children are glued to the book and refusing television time, playtime, any time while they are absorbing the story. Many children took the book to school with them for quiet reading and for show and tell.”Sensei Mary, Oxford School of Martial Arts

“It was absolutely fantastic. Chris was so engaging. He really reached out to the kids, physically and mentally, as the martial arts really spoke to them.” Frances Stott, Learning Resources Centre Manager, Larkmead School

“Dear Chris,
What a pleasure it was to meet you last week! Thank you so much for coming to BSB and enthusing the students with your action-packed presentations. There was such a buzz after they saw you and I can confirm that, despite having multiple copies of all titles, not a single one is in the library at the moment! Many of the students have given very positive feedback about the shows and those lucky enough to have breakfast with you were absolutely delighted. It was wonderful too that you gave students the opportunity to meet you in the Book Shop which did a roaring trade while you were here and continued to sell after you left.
My apologies for not writing sooner but as you know we continued our celebration all week and by the end of Friday were happy but exhausted! It was wonderful to celebrate reading all week across the whole school community from the smallest to the oldest.
I do hope that you enjoyed your two days here at BSB and that you will retain happy memories of Belgium.”

The British School of Brussels

Reviews and Awards for Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior

“Bradford comes out swinging in this fast-paced adventure . . . Jack’s story alone makes for a page-turner, but coupling it with intriguing bits of Japanese history and culture, Bradford produces an adventure novel to rank among the genre’s best. This book earns the literary equivalent of a black belt!” – Publishers Weekly

Book of the Year  Fighting Spirit 2008 (winner)

Red House Book Awards 2009 (shorlist)

Carnegie Medal 2009 (longlist)

Recipient of the Great Britain Sasakawa Award

Northern Ireland Book Award 2001 (winner)

Indendent Booksellers Award 2001 & 2012 (shortlist)

“Young Samurai is a fantastic adventure that floors the reader on page one and keeps him there until the end.”Eoin Colfer, bestselling author of Artemis Fowl

“A great mixture of brilliant story telling, action adventure and learning about a very different culture.”Tina Everitt, Waterstone’s, Harrods

“An action packed book with death around every corner!”Melissa Doolan, Junior Proof reader for Waterstone’s

“It is an action-adventure as much for girls as for boys. The hero has a feisty and fascinating female sidekick, and she is no wilting flower waiting to be rescued. She’s in the thick of it all. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for Book 2.”Cecelia Powell, Editor at Renaissance Learning

“If Robert Muchamore and Bernard Cornwell met over a couple of rounds in a dojo you can begin to imagine the sort of historical all action adventure we might encounter… your new portal to exhilaration, so grab your Wing Chun Butterfly Knife, seize your Nunchucks and take a respectable bow to the new martial master.”John Lloyd, Events Manager, Waterstone’s, Bath

Chris Bradford visited the Staffordshire Young Teen Fiction Book Award on the 3rd July 2012

Staffordshire Young Teen Fiction Book Award
‘One of the best book award ceremonies I’ve ever attended. The quality of the authors, the variety of reading activities and the engagement of the students was exceptional.The YTF Book Award is a brilliant way to encourage young people to read and develop.’

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